If you can afford a Netflix subscription, I can show you how to close any client or customer you talk to — almost 100% of the time. 
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Dear friend,

     Do you ever wish your significant other to would just shut up and leave you alone? 

     When you get a nasty email, do you delete it and forget it—or do you spend the next 4 hours smashing out a reply?

     Do you pay your bills right away—or do you hide them in a drawer until they're almost (or already) "Past Due"?
Stefanie Arroyo
Shows people how to make more sales and close more clients using Biz Typology
     These are just a few questions I ask my clients and customers that help me close them almost every time. And you can do the same thing too, with the information in my new Biz Typology system—which I will give you for the cost of your Netflix premium subscription (less than 50 cents per day) if you qualify. 

     Here's the story... 

     My name is Stefanie Arroyo and over the last 6 years alone, I’ve helped hundreds of people go from zero (or near zero, starting from scratch) to having extremely successful businesses—including entrepreneurs wanting to make $20-, $30-, even $50,000 consistently each month. I’ve also led dozens of in-person and digital masterminds, group programs, courses, and workshops. And, before that, I worked for over 10 years in litigation in one of the most competitive legal markets in the world... and, at one point, even attended law school.
     But, you know what?

     Just two years ago...

I was so broke and repulsive
I was almost kicked out by my own uncle
for not paying my rent on time!

     The reason?

     Because I couldn't get a client to save my life.

     I spent tens of thousands of dollars on various marketing trainings... masterminds... memberships... masterclasses... and other info products about marketing, copywriting, and business building.

     But I probably couldn't have landed a coaching client even if I paid them.

     And the ones I did get would either ask for a refund, wanted outrageous discounts, didn't pay (some just flat-out disappeared), or were simply impossible to work with. (One of my kookier would-be clients, who had already paid me half, pulled out suddenly saying our "vibes" were off.

     It was so humiliating...

I couldn't even sell people looking to hire me!

     For example:

     I was speaking with a potential client who was a friend of a friend's (and was already "pre-sold" on hiring me, anxious to talk to me, and all but ready to start working together) who, in the end, couldn’t get me off the phone fast enough.

     I did everything I was supposed to do on the call:

     I told her who I was. I told her all that I could do for her.  I told her just how excited I was to work with her. (And boy was I excited—finally, an end to the dry spell…and possible eviction.)

     But, in the end, it was the exact opposite:

     Not only did she not want to work with me, but...

She ended the call so fast
I didn't even get to say "bye,"
let alone ask to follow-up!

     It felt like I was cursed.

     Even when a potential lead asked to get on a call with me, I kept getting "no thanks" or the dreaded "I'll let you know."

     And now it just happened again. At the worst possible time, too—when I was about to get kicked out of my apartment, and wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. (I was on the outs with my one other family member at the time and even she said, “well, I guess you’re going to be homeless then.”)

     I was terrified and didn’t know what to do.

​    ​​​​​​ I felt like a complete failure. I had almost no money left and didn’t even have any job prospects lined up after spending so much time trying to build a business. (I was even contemplating going back to my old high school job at Starbucks if need be.)

     Then, out of the blue, something happened that changed everything that same day:

     I was telling a friend about my struggles and he said, in an off-hand remark:

"What about all that personality reading expertise you have from working with all those lawyers? Can't you use that to land more clients?"

​​​​​​​     It was true—when I was working as a paralegal, I learned a lot about reading peoples' personalities.  What that means is: I had to assess someone's personality based on how they think, make decisions, and process information. Doing this let me do everything from talking angry clients out of leaving for another firm to once even helping someone out of committing suicide. It had never occurred to me to use it for closing more clients, much less for marketing, sales copy, social media, livestreams, and creating content.

​    ​​​​​​ So, I decided to do a little test. (I had nothing else to lose so I thought, why not?)

     I went to all my old leads and potential clients and started approaching them how I would when I worked in law (and even before that, when I just wanted to get my way).

     Part of it was based on 100 year-old scientific findings in psychology, and part of it was based on what some of the most persuasive litigators I worked for did themselves.
     It wasn’t a big change as far as what I said or did.

     It was more of a “tweak” in how I asked questions.

     And you know what happened?

 I closed over 70% of those leads
who had previously told me no!

     Since then, life has definitely gotten a lot easier.

     Closing clients and sales (even in my sales copy for selling masterclasses, courses, and coaching) has become routine.

     It’s no longer something that I dread or worry about. And now that I finally understand the mechanics behind it, I even look forward to it. (In fact, I now like selling almost more than the consulting and coaching…)

     My income has stabilized—I no longer have to worry about paying the rent or having enough money anymore.

     Even my love life (!) has become something I only dreamed about before. (Yes, I used these exact methods in my personal relationships—more on this in a second.)

     And, clients have benefited from this so much that, not that long ago, one of them (after hearing me teach this in a masterclass and a consulting call) said:
 "Stefanie, your masterclass was more valuable than
the $6,000 VIP mastermind event I just attended!"

     As if that wasn't enough, she went on to say this: 

     "Whenever I am wanting to see a huge spike in my sales, I hire Stefanie, and without fail, every time I do, things pump up to the next level.
     On our call, Stefanie told me point blank that she didn't believe that my audience was the problem with why I wasn't making sales - it was how I was speaking to them.
     And she was right.

     I have spent time shifting my brand and positioning to the point that I just had my first $20k month, and Stefanie is an integral cog in the machine that has brought me there."

- Beth Griffith 

     And here’s more:

     Since figuring this out, I’ve had a lot of coaches and other business owners ask me, "what are you doing? And how does this work?" And, most importantly: "how can I do the same?"

    So I thought about it, and decided to create what I call: 

Biz Typology

     This is my secret method of "typing" people's personalities within minutes of talking to them—and knowing exactly how to sell to them, or just deal with them in a more harmonious way.
     Typing someone's personality (sometimes, without them even realizing it you're doing it) lets you know exactly how to talk, write to, and communicate with people in a way they will love you for. (And, yes—by doing this, people will actually thank you for talking to and closing them. It changes the whole dynamic of working with clients.)
     And I can teach you how to do it in less time than it takes to watch a movie.  And, for less than what you’re paying for Netflix now.

     Here’s how it works:

     I have created a membership site called Biz Typology. 
     Each month, I go over all the ways in which you can implement these psychological tools in your business—with your prospects, your team, your current clients, and even your personal life. Over time, not only will personality typing become easier and easier to use in your business, it'll be fun to do in your personal relationships, too. 

     And, when you subscribe today, I will send you a private masterclass (that previously sold for $397) that'll show you exactly how this works and how to apply it to your specific business almost immediately.

     Here are just a few of the secrets inside:

A scientific way to practically read your clients and customers’ minds when you want to close them.  (This secret is used by over 10,000 companies, and 2,500 colleges and universities... yet hardly anyone selling online knows about it. Details inside.)   
How to “tweak” your sales script to instantly get more clients wanting to hire you. (Do this and they will not only want to hire you, but ONLY you and other people will sound silly and amateurish to them.) 
Why the type of car your client drives tells you everything you need to know about how to sell them. (And before you even ask—I’m NOT talking about how much money they make or are willing to spend on a car. In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with price!)
 How to develop what I call “personality telepathy” where you know exactly what a customer or client is thinking when they are deciding whether to buy from you or not (so you can more easily sell them).
How to use personality typing to know exactly why a client rejected you. (I’ve even used this simple method to go back to clients who have once told me no… and then close them!  And you can too, when you apply these tools I teach.) 
How to ethically “rig” your discovery calls so clients talk themselves into hiring you!  (Perfect if you hate selling and pitching—in fact, the more you talk the better this works.) 
What extroverts do that drives introverts away in hysterics, never wanting to hear from you again! (And it's more than just talking too much... more on this inside.)

A common mistake introverts do with their tongues that practically guarantees they lose more sales and clients.

The single biggest secret the feminist theory professor who hated me in college taught me about how to break into a billion-dollar industry. (She hated me for no good reason but what she taught me was invaluable and changed the way I looked at business forever.)
A “crash course” on how to speak to a client exactly the way they want to hear—and buy—from you. (Works whether you're speaking to someone on the phone or writing copy for them to click to buy from.) 
How to get short-term clients to want to become your long-term clients. (This tip is a bit weird, but it works.)
What to say to get rid of that “100 pitch stare” where clients look at you blankly and think you’re just like all the other coaches who pitch them. (This is how you stand out like a glowing thumb in a sea of people pitching your clients so they won’t even consider hiring anyone else—and would probably even laugh at them while hiring you.)
How to use personality typing to be the only person people remember at parties and networking events. (Best part: it works even better for introverts!) 
A little-known way to onboard your customers so clients want to pay you more, right out the gate—that doesn’t involve more time, more money, or even that much more effort .
A secret hiring trick used by over 250 government agencies to hire nothing but the best VA’s, assistants, and employees for your unique business. 
     Speaking of employees, here's a true story from when I was working in the legal field of how this works: 

     Back when I was a new hire at one of the busiest, most successful personal injury firms in New York, I met a client who was in so much physical pain and emotional turmoil he had a breakdown in my office. I wouldn’t wish what he was going through on my worst enemy—excruciating, 10 out of 10 pain that never subsided and that he'll have to endure for the rest of his life. His pain and anguish was so unbearable that he admitted to me...

He wanted to kill himself
     This is no exaggeration. 

     He was miserable, suicidal, and was on the figurative “ledge.” 

     When he told me this, I was terrified. 

     So what did I do? 
     I did what my boss would do when handling some of our other clients who came to us distressed, in pain, and hopeless. (Which is an everyday thing in the personal injury business.) Within a few minutes, the man grew calmer and more at ease. And, a few hours later when the whole thing was over, he even trusted me. In the end, he stopped talking about suicide. And, later, we were able to help him win the case, have a lot more peace of mind, and go on with his life to the best he could. 

     Listen, I’m NOT saying Biz Typology can (or should) be used to help suicidal people or anyone facing serious health and psychological issues.

     In hindsight, I should have called someone. Which is really what everyone should do when in that kind of situation.

     But, I can tell you that the exact same method I used to talk my client off the proverbial “ledge" can be used to help make yourself more persuasive when talking to potential clients or when dealing with anyone who is looking at hiring you or buying from you... but is feeling sad, confused, and even upset because they're not getting the results they need and don’t know where to turn. 

     I also use this when calming down angry people, motivating sad or listless clients and customers, or simply getting in sync with how potential leads want to be communicated with when selling to them. 

     And guess what? 

     I show you this secret method inside my training. 

     (Specifically, I talk about this during the “Client Onboarding” part.)
     Here's more of what you’ll learn inside:

How to “refund proof” your business. (I can't guarantee that absolutely no one will ask for a refund but, if you follow my advice inside, it should cut them down to almost zero.)
How to accurately "type" someone's personality within a few minutes of talking to them. (You can put away that long Myers-Briggs test—most of the time it mistypes people anyway. This tip works far faster... and is far more reliable.)
How to triple your productivity... without waking up at 5am every day or adopting that popular "24/7 hustle lifestyle." (My mentor showed me how he got his work day down to just minutes per day—and it works no matter what your personality type is.)
How introverts can enjoy selling to extroverts who love to talk and won’t shut up (and dramatically increase their chances of selling them).
An all-but-forgotten way (used by some of the most productive people in history) to banish procrastination from your life, once and for all—even if you’re the worst procrastinator on the planet (like I was for a long time).
The sneaky ways professional psychologists ask questions to gauge who you really are (and how you can too with your clients, prospects, hires—even romantic partners.)
The case for being selfish! (You won’t see this on Super Soul Sunday or in any mindset coach’s Facebook livestream but, believe it or not, being hard-working and responsible can actually hurt your sales, your business, and your self esteem. I'll show you why that is—and how to combat this—inside.)

Good news for introverts: Did you know Johnny Carson (the most watched man on television for 30 years—all today’s talk show stars still bow at his altar) actually hated being around people? Yet he was more familiar to his audience than the President of the United States. When you learn Biz Typology, you can use your introversion to make more sales and close more clients, even if you despise small talk, networking, and selling
The worst place to take an introvert on a date. (Nothing to do with business or clients—but if you’re sweet on an introvert, this is how to get them to fall in love with you, and prefer to be with you than by themselves.)
How to use personality typing to turn your risk-averse, doubting-Thomas spouse or significant other into your #1 supporter—without lying to them or making stuff up to put them at "ease."
How to eradicate project overwhelm from your life in the next 5 seconds. (And nope, it has nothing to do with finding another project management system or "productivity hack." This is purely a shift in thinking.)
The four “insurance” questions that will protect you from hiring the WRONG coach or business partner. (Had I done this two years ago, I would have saved myself almost $20,000! And I'll show you how—for only .05% of that.)
A simple 15-minute change in how you welcome new clients that will make them 1000x more excited to work with you (and actually do the work!)
How to gain an immediate “psychological edge” on anyone who rejects your offer (and how to finally let rejection roll of your back without bothering you one bit)
What the most vile characters from Game of Thrones (one of the most popular TV shows ever produced) can teach you how to build a better business (and find a better partner!)
     And many more, including: 
Why the so-called “mindset experts” are just dead-wrong when it comes to procrastination (and they get this wrong almost every time)… why “hustling” will keep you broke (and the case for being a "slacker" in a world of "10x-ing" everything)… how to profit from judgmental people (so much so you'll start to seek them out on purpose)… how to eliminate self-sabotage (without wasting time with floaty affirmations, or clutching at crystals).
     So, how much is your investment?

     If you subscribe today, I'll let you in for less than $15 per month.

     That's less than a Netflix 4K subscription and comes out to less than 50 cents per day. But realize, there are no refunds on subscriptions. But you can cancel at any time, for any reason, immediately without hassle, by sending me an email. 

     To join my Biz Typology membership site and get the digital Biz Typology masterclassmonthly digital trainings, surprise trainings from renowned marketers such as Ben Settle, as well as daily support and access to the private Facebook community, click the button below.  


What is your refund policy?
As Biz Typology content is delivered digitally (and because it's a royal pain in the ass), there are no refunds. However, you can cancel at any time. Simply email me letting me know and I'll cancel your subscription immediately, no questions asked.
Why don't you offer a free trial month like Netflix?
When you opt-in to my main list, you do get one Biz Typology lesson—the pilot episode—which is typical of most monthly trainings. If that is not what you're looking for, then you shouldn't join Biz Typology.
How long do I get access to content?
For as long as you're a paid subscriber, you can access all content in available to Biz Typology members. If you ask to cancel your membership, your cancellation (and loss of access) is effective immediately, regardless of where you are in the billing cycle. 
If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin?
Nope. Considering the low cost of membership and the amount of content available each month (never mind the time it takes me and my team to onboard and "unboard" members), I don't allow people to rejoin Biz Typology after leaving.  Biz Typology might not be applicable to every situation, but it is to most of them—even outside of business—so each month's trainings and teachings are relevant, and build off each other, in some way. 
​​​​​​​Also, if you're the type of person to join something with an exit strategy of keeping a foot in the door already in mind, you don't qualify for membership.

If I join today, what do I get?
By joining Biz Typology, you will have access to monthly video trainings (via 5-8 short "episodes" that make up a "season" of trainings) and weekly live Q&A and daily group support via the Biz Typology private Facebook community, plus surprise pop-up trainings, bonus material, and other goodies when the spirit moves me as a P. (If you don't know what that is, you will inside.) 
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