A little over a year ago, I was locked up. 

Well, in a manner of speaking. 

After getting farrr too involved in a certain infamous, now-defunct group, I was banned from posting, commenting, or any kind of Facebook interaction completely. 

I had it easy—I was in Facebook jail for only about 48 hours or so when others (namely, one very well-known marketer with his own group of over 40,000 members) have been jammed up in the Zuckerberg slammer for 30 days or more. 

But, at the time, I was in a panic. 

Most of my business came from Facebook and, as I was in the middle of an end-of-year launch (and living from launch to launch), I was effectively cut off at the knees. 

So, how badly did it affect me?

Hard to say. But I can tell you that I lost a lot of sleep those few days, cobbling together a new marketing plan that involved a whole new hard-to-implement, very complicated platform in my business: 


Fast-forward a year later: Facebook just announced that it’s officially changing up its whole algorithm. 

(Yes, those cut-and-paste statuses were apparently right. Go figure.) 

Now, in 2018—how much will this affect me?

Not so much. 

I’ve embraced my new overlord that is email (and Ben Settle).  And, my business has evolved from feast-to-famine-to-feast again to something more, well, buffet-style. 

(Minus the sodium and YouTube-viral fights over crab legs.)

By creating my membership site, Biz Typology, I was not only able to create a product behind my biggest asset (personality typing) but also a (recurring, scalable) one that was in accordance *to* my personality type. 

And, this weekend, I am offering a live training on exactly how I was able to do this—and how you can replicate it in your own business, your way.

Now, I’m not a business coach by any means. However, I can give you insight into what worked for me in creating a continuity product—from soup to nuts, everything that went behind my launch strategy. 

And, because it IS Biz Typology, I can show you how to use your personality type to find the ideal continuity product for you and your unique business. 

But, in order to be a part of this live training (happening later this month), you need to be a member of Biz Typology by Sunday, January 14th. 

(After the 14th, this training will be repackaged and sold as its own product upwards of $297 or so.)

To get access to the live training (plus the 9 trainings already available—and the 8 more coming up in just a matter of days) for less than lunch for two at Subway, go here: