Years ago, I heard a then-popular life coach say this about social media engagement: 

It’s the lurkers, not the likers, who buy from you. 

This was meant to reassure people who were concerned that their ignored livestreams/pitches/“vulnerability alert” posts on Facebook weren’t going to amount to sales.

At the time, I took some solace in this—that, somewhere, there were people watching me who, while not immediately engaging with me in comments and likes, were just waiting to click to buy. 

To some extent, this is true. 

But, that isn’t entirely the case. 

(As evidenced by her largely falling off the earth since.)

Looking back at it now, she seemed to be referring to (whether she knew it or not) the differences between introverts and extroverts. 

Meaning, the likers (showing your Facebook live with emojis and liking all the things on your page) are extroverts. 

And the lurkers, well… they’re lurking, as introverts often do. 

For the most part, I do agree with the sentiment—introverts might not blow up your social media feed, but they are watching. And, when so moved, they will buy. And buy they will in spades. 

(At one point, I was solidly booked with only introverted clients through no mechanization of my own.)

But, that is not to say that extroverts don’t buy from you either.

In fact, some of my best clients are those who did blow up every one of my posts—before signing up with me. And, when they did and began reaping results, would then likewise sing their praises on social media. 

So, to retroactively edit her words: 

It’s the lurkers and the likers who buy, but you have to know how to engage with each to get them to. 

In Biz Typology, I show you exactly how to reach out to extroverts and introverts—specifically in my videos called “Over-E’ing Anonymous” and “I-nal Retentives.”

(If you can’t tell, I have a lot of fun making these videos.)

In these short trainings (which areless than 5 minutes each, so you can implement them almost immediately), you’ll learn how to speak to each—and what their true motivations are when deciding whether to (or not to) buy. 

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