Curing your hexual dysfunction

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, where Ben Settle still had Facebook, he quoted this little nugget from A-List copywriter Bob Bly:

“Today, a guru seems to be someone who curses like a sailor, goes to any extreme to seem edgy and cool, has an ego the size of a humpback whale, and wants to extract thousands of dollars from you by getting your credit card number to sell you an outrageously expensive course, “training,” or mastermind group membership teaching how to make a million dollars a week in info marketing, copywriting, coaching, consulting, small business, or maybe option trading. Am I the only one tiring of this new generation of brash, loud, conceited, egomaniacal gurus?” 

I agree with both B’s (Ben and Bob) that this Internet Marketing trope is becoming ridiculous.

Now almost any tattooed schmo with a faux-boxer a mugshot-like lede photo can be an expert in 10xing your funnel, “alpha masculinity” and being a “boss” at… whatever it is they do.

And, because of that, many people believe you need to be an extrovert to be successful in business. 

After all, all you need to do to have a successful business is:

– yell on livestream every day about how, if you’re poor, you don’t want wealth bad enough. 
– post filtered photo after filtered photo of your exotic meals (or cars) and how they’re the result of your love for the “hustle”
–  endlessly brag on email about how much you made (and spent) today and that, to get on that “level,” you have to buy their “how to make alpha muney” course. 

But, that’s simply not true. And not just because they’re Gary Wannavees living a rent-a-lifestyle.  

Hands down, to be successful on social media, you need to be entertaining.

 But, some of most entertaining (and successful) people on the planet were actually tremendous introverts.

Take Johnny Carson. 

He was at one point (if not still currently) one of the most watched man in human history. While, yes, this was pre-Internet and social media, the fact that the entertained 400 million people every night on live (pre-HD, pre-time delay) television without nifty tricks and scammy hooks counts  OR needing to go viral, is worth infinitely more than what any baht-for brains Internet marketer claims he’s worth.

And, there’s a reason for that. 

Introverts, while definitely not the loudest in the room, are certainly one of the most conscientious—of the other person’s mannerisms, the audience, and, in Johnny Carson’s case, their interviewees. 

This is especially when it comes to some of the all-important elements of being entertaining: 

Comedic timing. 

Or, when used in business: knowing how to put their leads at ease… and then close them, seemingly effortlessly.

Knowing these strengths makes all the difference in keeping your audience’s attention, getting more engagement…and, yes, making more money. Even over us extroverts. 

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Stefanie Arroyo