A while back, international email playboy, Ben Settle, talked about his villainous ways and even more villainous personality type.

He–not so humbly, but always accurately–described how his INTJ personality type is often vilified for their cold, ruthless pragmatism, and little regard for niceties, feelings, and social formalities. (Which, if you’re on his email list like I am, is precisely why you follow him to begin with.) 

However, I will raise that the INTJ is not the only villainous type: 

As INTJs put the “leave me alone” in introversion, their standoffishness and abhorrence for people puts a governor on how far their insidiousness and villainy can reach from the depths of their lair. 

That is not the case for ENTJs, their more charismatic yet just as devious brethren. 

(It’s easy to confuse the two and, with only one function differing between them, you’d think they’re one step away from being a gruesome twosome.) 

But, an ENTJ is at the podium, infecting young minds and nubile bodies with their persuasive–and often manipulative–rhetoric, an INTJis cackling to themselves in their underground lab, petting their equally villainous cat. And, where an ENTJ recruits others to do their evil bidding,  INTJ is a one-man death squad.

Which is why I say (as it’s my sandbox, my sand) INTJs are the *most* villainous of all types. 

“How so,” you ask? 

Because it’s not fame or notoriety they seek, nor to stroke their massive, veiny egos either— —they want power, and power alone, and they get it on their own. And, when evil, they’re truly evil, and only for evil’s sake—they are the most self-serving of them all. 

But, they do have a weakness. 

A chink in their armor. 

Even a gold kryptonite.

Their soft spot is only millimeters-wide–and defined as being “less hard” than the rest of their rigid exoskeleton–but it’s still there.

And let’s face it: even the Grinch had a dog. (Like Ben has his Zoe.) 

A spot that Ben Settle, in a shocking reveal of vulnerability, shows you how to exploit and plunder for profit in a recent talk he gave at Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class. 

In this 30-minute presentation, he goes over the 7 devilish email secrets on how to expose the soft underbelly of your clients where they’re almost powerless to buy from you — including him where, by his own admission, the email ad man himself was scrambling looking for the “Buy Now” button. 

(This is especially helpful if you write in the health or fitness niches — if you want to hear what makes even the hardest and most skeptical of prospects to buy your health product, there’s more inside.) 

The cost to attend Titans Master Class — and hear presentations by Ben Settle, Perry Marshall, and be hot-seated by Jay Abraham — is upwards of $11,500. 

But, through Brian Kurtz’ never-ending kindness, I was able to essentially scoop the 5-figure event and livestream Ben Settle’s talk for subscribers of my membership site, Biz Typology, for less than this month’s Netflix bill.

(Essentially saving them $11,490 in the process—and, like Netflix, they don’t even have to get out of their PJs let alone leave the house to watch.) 

Thing is… considering the value of the talk (never mind the cost of attendance — just implementing ONE of these secrets netted Ben almost $30,000 of *extra* income in a week)… as well as Brian Kurtz’ generosity,  the talk won’t be available forever. 

It’s up, right now for presto-instant consumption, in the members-only Facebook community… but only until midnight EST tonight. 

After the clock strikes midnight Halloween night tonight—in less than 12 hours—the video will be taken down to never been seen again (on Facebook or in the membership portal). 

To get near-instant access to the 30-minute, 5-figure presentation — along with hours upon hours of copywriting and marketing teachings using the same psychological techniques as 80% of the Fortune 100 — as Ben would say, go forth ye here before the deadline lapses tonight: 


Stefanie Arroyo