Amidst all the Kavanaugh-balloo this week, a series of memes have been going around that infuriate me more than any Facebook-female “blackout” ever could. 

They’re called “Myers-Briggs Bingo.” 

It looks like what it sounds like—but instead of numbers, they are character traits and quirks that are supposed to be about particular types. 

Thing is, these attributes are so vague, they can practically apply to anyone. 

Traits like “easily bored,” “values freedom” or “accidentally rude.” Or the meta and self-prophesying “meme lover.”

As a former legal eagle would, I had to test this: taking the bingo card of my complete opposite type (ISTJ) and counted how many traits I related to. 

Out of 25, I matched with 15. 

So, why does this matter?

Well, I’m glad you asked: 

Too often, people (mostly flippant trolls) describe the MBTI as the “thinking man’s astrology.” Of course, I vehemently disagree with this for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain. 

(The ridiculousness of equating psychology to birthdays and “planet placements” should be obvious enough.)

And, memes like this only further the myth that, like astrology, you can pick and choose ambiguous traits to make your “preferred” type fit—that is, whatever type that you want, no matter how inaccurate it actually it is.

Because of course, most of those sharing these memes are not the types they’re claiming to be. 


There are ways to accurately type yourself—to know your true personality type, and not what a free Internet test (or, worse, a bingo meme) says. And, more importantly, there are ways to know the true types of those around you, including leads, potential clients and customers…no matter how much they claim otherwise. 

It’s the kind of information you’d want to arm yourself with, especially when selling to them. 

Which is what I’ll be covering in the upcoming Biz Typology Copywriting training: to identify your potential leads, clients, and customers’ specific  “language”…and how to write copy that’s fluent in it. 

The two-hour training is happening live this Friday, October 5th at 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST with a Q&A following immediately afterward. (If you can’t make it on the day of, have no fear as registration includes forever-access to the replay.) 

Now, here’s the dirty rub: 
This live training is being recorded to be repurposed as its own info product sometime in the future. Which is why there is no sales page, and it’s offered at a substantial discount from its regular price—a cool $100 off, in fact.

Afterwards, access to the (non-live, recorded) training will be nearly twice as high with no opportunity for questions. 

To secure your seat, access to the recordings (including transcript), and $100 discount go here before the deadline lapses:

Stefanie Arroyo