A while ago, someone shared an article on Facebook that was called “8 Signs You’re a Highly Intuitive Empathy Sensitive to Energy.” 

If you’ve read any of my emails about woo-woo witchpreneur life coaching community, you already know what I think about this.

But I read it anyway.

According to the article, the eight signs are: 

1- Dreaming about events before that happen 
2- Having a bad feeling about a bad situation, and being right
3- You just connect with some people 
4- You usually get what you want
5- You have to recharge a lot 
6- You can predict how things work out 
7- You know when someone’s full of it
8- Even a completely silent room seems noisy

The first one should not be a surprise (as premonitions are basically a prerequisite to the Secret Society of the Social Justice Witch Warrior Empath) but the rest got me thinking: 

Was the writer just describing a particular personality type?

Needing to recharge (especially after doing something tiresome like human interaction) and feeling overwhelmed even in a quiet room—those are all traits inherent to even the least introverted of introverts. 

And there are personality types—N’s—who are always forward-thinking, contemplating their next move, out of fun or strategy (or both). So much so, they can almost “intuit” whether someone/something is bad news, as well as how things are going to work out in the future (or how to spin it in your favor). 

Thing is, this isn’t magic. 

This is just how people function.

(Never mind dreams can be “prophetic” because your brain digests the situations and problems you encountered while you sleep.)

But it’s much *hexier* to say these traits are divine gifts, bestowed upon us by God/the Universe/Source/Spirit/Spaghetti Monster. 

And, maybe it is. 

But where these psychological traits come from doesn’t matter as much as how you use them. 

Like, the N ability to discern a good situation from a bad one—and acting accordingly. Or the introvert’s talent for *really* listening—not because their crown chakra is clear or their heart-space is open, but because they’re not doing all the talking (unlike us extroverts).

This is the kind of stuff I talk about in my membership site, Biz Typology—not aura clearings or intuitive biz-woo readings, but using real psychological tools like personality typing in your business and personal life. 

(The same psychological tools that 80% of the Fortune 100, btw.)

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Stefanie Arroyo