When I first started this business, it took me about a week to find my first client. And, only a week after that, I fired her.

Since I had burned my paralegal boat a little earlier than expected (and my other business, admissions consulting, was in its “off-season”), I was desperate—I needed clients and I needed them fast. So I did what most in dire entrepreneurial straits do:

I started knocking on doors a discount on my already way-too-lowball offer. And, in a matter of days, I got myself my first copywriting client.  

And, as luck would have it, she was a nightmare. 

Since I priced myself so low (like,  1/3-of-the-low-end-of-the-industry-norm low), she naturally needed A LOT of copy done. And, of course, a lot of handholding: she was *constantly* emailing me. My inbox was a solid block of “From: [Australian crazy lady]” and they were about all sorts of things—from nitpicky corrections to sudden creative epiphanies (requiring me to rewrite pages or even write whole new ones), to random marketing questions and even logo design questions that had nothing to do with what I was hired for.

And, since I needed the money, I was desperate to appease. Which, considering the 12+ hour time difference between us (her in Sydney Australia and me in little ol’ Jersey City, NJ), was more than a little difficult. 

I’m a natural-born night owl but, with her constant emails and my nonstop writing, my sleep schedule went into complete graveyard shift vampire-mode. That is, if I managed to sleep. In a phrase, I was miserable.

Finally, one crazy 3 am email was the straw that broke the marsupial pouch. After changing her coaching program (again) and demanding (yet more) edits, she ended her email with: “Stefanie, are you working on this at 3 am? That is FAR too low-vibe for this to work—I need someone who is ON.”

Followed with: “When can I expect this by?”

Reading that last line, I heard the record scratch and the screeching brakes in my mind, as I anger-typed a terse “no, I’m breaking up with YOU” reply, and I (finally) went to bed.

I’ll be the first to admit that you can’t type crazy. But, personality typing can certainly help you avoid it—by knowing exactly what kind of person you’re dealing with and, more importantly, what *you’re* willing (or even able) to put up with.

This whole thing could have been narrowly avoided had I asked just a few simple questions that let you know what kind of person you’re dealing with before you hire them (or get hired by them). And even more so if I had included certain verbiage in my copy that would better attract an ideal client—and repel the nightmare ones from Oz and elsewhere.

And that is exactly what my upcoming Biz Typology training will be covering: how to effectively “type” your market and, using this secret code into their motivations and buying decisions, write copy that attracts them—and only them. 

The same typing tools, mind you, used by 80% of Fortune 100 in all matters of their operation, from their marketing as well as hiring and firing decisions—so it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about. 

Now, I won’t claim (like some people) that I invented copywriting. However,  in this training, I can teach you how to use powerful psychological tools like personality typing in your copywriting so to better attract the leads you want—and dispel the rest—whether you are a freelance writer-for-hire (like I was) or are just looking to improve your own copywriting skills for your own offer. 

This two-hour training is happening live in a little over 24 hours—tomorrow, Oct. 5th, at 12 pm PST—with a live Q&A immediately following where you can ask all your burning itchy questions about Biz Typology and copywriting. 

(If you can’t make the live call, be not afraid—all registrants will have get the downloadable replay and transcript about 48 hours after the call. If you have questions, simply email them to me before the training and I’ll be sure to address them on the call.) 

Since this is a new (and live)training, I am offering this for a one-time discount of $100—almost 60% off of the training’s pricing in the future. 

(Oh, this training is being recorded to be used as an info product later on that will cost in the neighborhood of $296—or maybe more. This is also why there isn’t a sales page yet.) 

But, this discount—and access to live Q&A—goes bye-bye at noon PST tomorrow when the training begins.

To secure your seat, your access to the downloadable replays and transcript, and your $100 discount, go here before the whistle blows at noon Pacific tomorrow: 


Stefanie Arroyo