Yesterday, my mentor and tyrant, Ben Settle, featured me in an email about how I and his other email supremacists profiting from celebrity Twitter trolling.  

In his email, he described how, by using what he taught me, I made a pretty nice chunk of change from it. 

It amused him quite a bit—and not just because I was called a white supremacist when I’m neither white nor supreme (according to him). 

As Ben said, profiting from these dorks (specifically, creepy SJW-types who stalk girls online and try to doxx them in between binging ParnHub and cheesy puffs) “is not only easy, but far more rewarding than [you]could possibly imagine.”

Well, he was right. (His favorite phrase.)

In the process, I gained a handful of new Biz Typology subscribers, a couple of consulting clients, hundreds of new Twitter followers and, more importantly, increased my email list by almost 10%. 

(And, since we’re on the subject, I increased my Twitter impressions by a ridiculous 1,663.4%. Impressions don’t pay the bills, but that’s still pretty impressive.) 

I’ll be the first to say that, had it not been for him, I would completely fumbled the profit softball Talib lobbed at me. 

But, even more than that: if it had not been for him and his infinite Benevolence (and patience) bestowed on me almost two years ago, I would still be a sad little marshmallow writing crappy copy for woo-woo witchpreneurs with crystals in their bras, living client-to-client between Mercury retrograde cycles and B-School affiliate launches.

Now, I can’t in good conscience (or plain common sense) claim that I’m a born writer with copywriting flowing through my veins like some charlatans out there.  I had to learn it—often the hard, no-profit, non-converting way—and, in the process, undo a significant amount of digital marketing damage. 

Which is why, in my upcoming copywriting training, I will go over, warts and all, the pitfalls I fell face-first into at the start of my copywriting career. And how, through training from the likes of Ben Settle (with some tips and tricks from some of the best New York litigators thrown in for good measure) I was able to tighten my copy game to not only help my existing clients but to attract better and higher-paying ones too with the one-two punch of personality typing and direct response.

This training—on how to “type” your market and write copy specific to their personality type(s)—will be happening  LIVE on Friday, Oct. 5th at 12 pm PST.

Now, here’s the rub: 

I am recording this training as an info-product to be sold on a later date (and at a higher price), which is why there is no sales page—AND there’s a significant discount ($100) off its regular price. 

Until then, access to the live call (plus forever-access to all recordings, audio and video, plus transcript) over 60% off—but only until the live call.  

After the training, the recordings will be repackaged (with a bow and a sales page) and sold for $296. 

To reserve your spot (and access to all recordings and transcript) plus your $100 discount, go here before the 10/5 deadline:

Stefanie Arroyo