Not long ago, I received a message from someone who, after watching my opt-in, decided to come up with his own “introvert” training. After it went nowhere, he was reaching out to me for help.

I’ll admit: at first, I was furious.

Or, as my INTJ puts it: filled with table-flipping Latina rage. 

Thing is, this isn’t new. 

Over the past year or so, there has been a rise in discussion about personality typing in marketing.

You could say it’s the red car effect (as in, if you think about red cars, you start seeing them all over the freeway), but I’ve had readers, subscribers, and even randoms point this out:

Whether it’s people on Facebook fishing for engagement by asking about types…the bane of my existence (Human Design) growing in popularity in the life coaching/witchpreneur niche…viral Thought Catalog articles about what MBTI types are most likely to order at McDonald…and the most recent Myers Briggs Bingo which I talked about earlier this week…

Personality typing, and teaching it, is becoming A Thing.

But, to paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle: 

With great fraudulence comes even greater irresponsibility.  

A lot of these people are, at best, hopping on this newest bandwagon in their Facebook feed looking for a buck, some engagement, relevance, or all three.

At worst, they’re borderline frauds—trying to teach it with no real deep knowledge of the subject, other than regurgitating what someone else says about it. 

In this case, it was something I said (and have been saying for a long time) but, this happens in other arenas as well. 

(Most notably in Facebook ad strategy: there are those who were well-trained making magic out of the Facebook algorithm there are more who, after taking a $2k course and suddenly they’re masters of the trade.)

I’ll never say I’ve invented the personality typing wheel. It’s been in existence for nearly a century and has been used as a critical cog in the corporate and governmental machines of thousands of companies, including most of the Fortune 100.

But, what I can show you that is unique, is how to apply this to your business, sales and marketing. 

And, tomorrow at 3 pm EST, I’ll show you specifically how to apply it to copywriting, whether you’re a freelancer writer-for-hire or looking to improve your own copy chops. 

In the two-hour live training, I will be going over how to effectively “type” your market (no Buzzfeed article or free Internet quiz needed) and, using by knowing the secret ingredients to how your buyers make their buying—and rejecting—decisions, how to write copy that deliberately ticks their boxes so they click to buy.

This training is happening tomorrow, Oct. 5th, at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST with a live Q&A following immediately after. 

(If you can’t make it, have no fear—all registrants will receive the audio and video replays along with the transcript.) 

And, since this training is new (so new, there’s no sales page), I am offering it at a significant discount—$100 off its regular pricing. 

But, this discount (and live access) will only last until the time of the training, which is in less than 24 hours. 

To reserve your seat at the training… and access to the replay and your $100 discount, go here before the 24-hour deadline here:

Stefanie Arroyo