Reader Beth G. writes: 

“I’m finally REALLY watching the masterclass. Holy shizballs.
Seriously more valuable than the Toronto event. Brain exploding.”

By “the Toronto event,” she’s referring to a $6,000, two-day mastermind held a couple years ago at the swankiest hotel in TO by two “famous” 7-figure business coaches. 

And, by “the masterclass,” she’s talking about a little two-hour masterclass shot by myself on QuickTime in the middle of the night—that was apparently more valuable, more worthwhile, and more brain-exploding than two coaches with bigger lists and incomes than I did.

Now that I’ve graduated to (only slightly) higher tech—Zoom and better lighting—I’m giving my next training in a little over 8 hours. 

This time, I’m going to be talking about how to use personality typing—otherwise known as the psychological tools used by 70% of the Fortune 100 along with hundreds of universities and US government agencies—when writing sales copy. 

Specifically, we’ll be going over how to effectively “type” your market and, by understanding the mechanics behind their buying motivations, their decision-making, and their deepest pains and needs, how to write copy that draws them in like gnats to a glass of wine outdoors. 

You’ll also learn: 

– The “secret” method that major brands like Coca-Cola and Estee Lauder use to successfully multi-million dollar campaigns (that will only take you an hour, and cost you $6, tops)

– The stupid-simple but deadly-effective way to attract the clients, customers and buyers you *want* to buy from you (and how to repel the time-wasters and tire-kickers—for good)

– What almost everyone gets wrong about bullets and headlines (that, if you master, will make bullet-writing faster… and put you above 99% of marketers out there)

– And the answer to the billion-dollar question: Is there a way to write copy that speaks to all types? Short answer: YES, there is and I’ll show how inside. 

– And more. 

Since this is a brand new training, I am offering it at a substantial discount of $100 off— nearly 60% of regular pricing.

(Or, a mere 3% of a $6,000 investment in major “guru” coaches, not including flights.)

The catch?

The deadline is TODAY at 12pm PST. After the clock hits noon, the cost of this training will jump up $100 more, as a procrastination tax.

(And if you want to spend 2000% more on a two-day, brain-explosionless mastermind…well, go right ahead.)

To reserve your seat for today’s training (and access to the recordings and transcript if you can’t make it live) along with your $100 discount, get it while the getting’s good here by the deadline today:

Stefanie Arroyo