A few years ago, I received a Facebook message that sent me into a blind murderous rage. (And, since you’re here: it still does in a way.) 

It was a message from an old middle-school classmate—she, after spending the last dozen years or so in Finland building a successful pop career, was now back stateside to bring her music to the US… and wanted to meet for coffee.

And I was pissed.


Because, the last time we saw each other (the 6th grade) she and her gang of blithering sycophants were tittering to themselves while watching me open the “anonymous” letter slipped in my desk, detailing all the reasons why I’d never be as cool and rich as them, and all the reasons why I’ll always be lame and poor.

(Had I known then what I know now from marketing, I would have used their trolling for gain, but that’s an email for another day.)

So naturally, finding out the ringleader of them all became a Finnish pop star was downright infuriating. As far as I was concerned, the Scandinavian community robbed me of the opportunity to one day watch her bag my groceries or wipe the dog shyt off my shoes.

Now, years later, I realize I should have met up with her—if anything, to say thank you. 

All that anger bottled up in child-Stefania later fermented and was distilled into an indomitable drive to be successful.  

For many, this is a bad thing—the whole mindset coaching community is predicated on “negative” emotions being “limiting.” Or that, by not being “high vibe” and “sending love and light” to her, I am preventing my soul’s purpose from ringing me on the cosmic telephone. 

To paraphrase my mentor (and slave-driver) Ben Settle, positive emotions can keep you broke. And negative emotions can make you rich—but only if you harness it properly.

Which is one of the things Ben Settle talks about in his 30-minute presentation, 7 Not-So Secret Email Secrets That’ll Horrify and Delight People into Buying Whatever You Sell—that, by understanding people’s primal emotions (be it anger or fear) and harnessing them in your content or email, you can be a helluva lot more profitable than just “giving value.” 

Granted, these lessons (or secrets) are not for everyone. 

In fact, when he first presented these secrets (at AWAI’s Copywriter’s Bootcamp), someone angrily walked out.

And it wasn’t even the full, most villainous version of his talk—that he reserved for the haplessly captive audience at Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class last week.

A talk I was lucky enough to livestream into my members-only community, Biz Typology, to the delight of my subscribers as they were privy to teachings that would normally cost them upwards of $11,500 to access (thus saving them $11,490).

Considering the value of Ben Settle’s presentation…the cost to normally Titans Master Class…and the kindness of Brian Kurtz to allow my subscribers to essentially scoop his high-ticket event for less than his Netflix subscription…this livestream won’t be up for long. 

At midnight on Halloween (Wednesday, October 31st), I will be taking the livestream down and it will *never* been seen again anywhere on my membership site, Biz Typology, or in the Facebook group.

Until then, to access Ben Settle’s 30-minute email secrets presentation…along with hours upon hours of other trainings relating to marketing and copywriting and other such goodies available to Biz Typology subscribers on the regular… go here before the Wednesday deadline:  


Stefanie Arroyo