Reader and primetime client Latisha S. writes: 

Working with Stefanie was exactly what I needed. Not only did she help me write a full sales page for my membership offer, but she also explained her thought process as we crafted the letter together. Now, I find writing sales copy to be much easier and fun as I think back to our conversations.
I appreciate how she showed me how to write bullets that tease instead of tell. 
A few weeks after that coaching session, I launched a limited group coaching offer, writing my own bullets and the offer quickly sold out. 
When I asked one client why she bought, she mentioned that she wanted to learn how to get her own clients rushing to pay the same way I compelled her to buy.

My sessions with Stefanie were invaluable and have already paid for themselves many times over. I’m so glad I made the decision to work with her.

The Biz Typology copywriting training is happening live TODAY—in less than three hours, in fact. 

In this two-hour live training, I am going over how to effectively “type” your market—or the roadmap to their synapses and what triggers their buying decisions. And, knowing this blueprint, how to write copy that gets them to click to buy, hook, line, and Thinker.

And, until today at noon PST, I am offering this training at a substantial discount of $100 off—a full 60% off of the regular pricing, including audio/video recordings, and a transcript for keepers. 

But, this offer will only be good until today and today only.

To secure your seat and your $100 off (and the recordings, especially if you can’t make it), go here before the deadline that lapses in mere hours:

Stefanie Arroyo