In yesterday’s email, I talked about an SJWoo coach on Fakebook who, instead of taking my advice to build a list and stop Internet busking via Patreon, accused me of being a digital-Harvey Weinstein for not asking for consent first before giving suggestions for her floundering business. 

Since then, I’m told that not only is her Patreon account being further throttled by an 18+ Adult Content tag—meaning, if Patreon deems content too “sensitive,” it will get flagged… and not show up on the Patreon website at all. 

If having a Patreon is like being an Internet street performer, getting an Adult Content tag is the equivalent of the avenue closing down on both sides—and being left playing guitar for dollars on the sidewalk alone with no one to see.

And, as if that’s not enough of an insult to injury, an additional 3% fee is being taken from these Patreon buskers’ tin cups for having international “patrons”—on top of their fees for successful payments (when patrons successfully contribute to Patreon), payment processing (when the payment is moved from patrons to the “creator’s balance”), AND payouts (when funds are moved from the balance to your bank or PayPal).

Of course, they announced this today as being effective immediately—which so happens to be the payday for all content creators on the platform. 

So, not only have they’ve singlehandedly taken away almost all traffic to her business, they’ve also taken an even larger cut from the top along with it with no rhyme, reason, or warning.

Which means, in her ramshackle house that is like most SJWoo coaching businesses, the gas has been cut off—AND they stole the copper wiring inside.

Since she already told me off via a fragrantly passive-aggressive Fakebook post for #metoo’ing her business, I’m refraining from further help (or even an “I told you so,” no matter how delicious that would be) for the next eternity. 

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t share elsewhere. 
Which is exactly why I created a nearly two-hour training on exactly how I created my own membership site from essentially scratch—on my own platform no less, so no open guitar case or handouts necessary.

In it, I go over every consideration I made in creating an offer that worked best for my own personality type—from the content I create, how I deliver it, and even the tech I use to run my entire membership site in the backend. And, in this training, I show you how to not only assess your own strengths and weaknesses of your own personality type, but how to create your own uniquely-matched, hard-to-duplicate offer too. 

I basically pull back the curtain to my entire operation—as well as give you an ingredient list to my secret sauce.

This training which would otherwise cost $297 but, to keep them off the Internet streets, it is free to Biz Typology subscribers.
…well, for now. 

Thing is, like most handouts—sometimes $free.99 can actually hurt your business more than help. Which is why this training will ONLY be accessible for free until the end of this weekend. 

After Sunday night, it will go into the vault, to only be seen again as its own info product (with three-figures attached). 

So, to watch this training, you have the next 4 days to join Biz Typology to gain access—and consume the material. 

No handouts here.

To access the two-hour training (and step on the gas away from Internet Hobo-ville) for free, go here before the deadline:

Stefanie Arroyo