Biz Typology subscriber and the real Ben Settle dot com Podcast Announcer Dame, Nicole “Grim Reaper” English, writes:

“I made my annoying client take the Myers Briggs test after he was 30 minutes late to our phone meeting: ENTP. I could have told him that before he took it.”

The lesson here?

(Besides not making an INTJ like Nicole wait, of course—or she’ll call you annoying in text.)

That, it is possible to know your market’s thoughts, motivations, and personality better than they know it themselves. 

And, they don’t have to take a 36-odd free online test at gunpoint (or, in Nicole’s case, scythe-point) to find out either. 

In fact, you can type your leads—or your whole market, even—within minutes of speaking to them, like our head Grim did, before they even know their own types themselves.

Why is this important? 

Because, by knowing your market’s personality type, you can anticipate their decisions, whether it be to buy your program, service, or offer—or not. 

And, by knowing how and, more importantly, why they would decide one way or another, you have the cheat codes to writing (or speaking) what your prospects need to hear and see to click the buy button. 

These cheat codes which I’ll be going over in the two-hour Biz Typology copywriting training that’s happening in just a few days. 

In this training, I’ll show you how to type your prospective clients and customers (annoying or not) and, with this secret “insider” information, how to create copy that resonates with their specific personality types (and repels the ones you *don’t* want buying from you) so they not only want to buy from you, but they’re also excited when clicking to buy.

This training will be happening live on this Friday, Oct. 5th, at 12 pm PST. Those registered by then will not only get access to the live Q&A immediately following (to ask all questions typology and copy-related), but also forever-access to the recordings and bonus transcript. 

Because 1- this is a new training and 2- there is no sales page, I am offering this at a significant discount—a full $100 off the regular price. 

Which leads me to the only “catch”:

After the training, the recordings will be repackaged and resold as its own info product at a much higher rate (with no live Q&A or questions answered of any kind). 

To reserve your spot (and access to the replay even if you can’t make it) along with the limited-time $100 discount, go here before the deadline Friday:

Stefanie Arroyo