A while ago, there was an article making the rounds across the interwebz titled “How Each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to Stress.”

As much as I adore the MBTI and all personality tests (obviously), there is an inherent flaw in them—and it’s a major one. 

To cut right to the chase: when it comes to personality typing, knowing your type is the *least* important.

Yes, it’s important to know who you are and how you deal with things, how you stay motivated, and what your inherent likes and dislikes are. (I may have even emailed a few times about some of these “quirks” a couple of times…”

But, as I said, it’s the least important.

What matters the most out of everything under the typing sun? 

The types of those around you. 

In talking about Biz Typology for now over a year, I’ve long since stopped side-eyeing the “sudden” interest in MBTI by a lot of marketers (gee, I wonder who started that?) or even fauxstrological typing “tools” like Human Design used by witchpreneur life coaches. 


Because there is SO much more to it than just knowing your type and putting it on your Tinder profile and Twitter bio.

And, by focusing only on only knowing your own type, you’ll get no farther with that information than a “What Grey’s Anatomy character are you?” quiz.

Here’s what I mean: 

According to the article, when an ENFP like me is under stress, “they may have a hard time communicating clearly, and feel numb and frozen inside…and become depressed.”

Is it accurate? Okay, sure. But it’s infinitely more helpful for my INTJ to know this so, when I am an uncommunicative lump on the couch with tears streaming down my face, he can talk me off the ledge as quickly and effectively as possible (so I can fix him something to eat).

Such knowledge can be more profitable than a lunchtime sandwich, however.

So much so, it almost seems criminal. (Or at least manipulative.)

And one of those ways just happens to be copywriting. 

By knowing exactly what your market’s types are, you’ll have the anatomical blueprint of all their sore spots—AND how to heal them. 

Which is why I am holding a copywriting training in the next couple of weeks just on how to do this: how to know, using Typology, where your market’s itch is, and how to scratch it in your copy so they’ll buy (in spades).

This two-hour Training is designed to break down how to “type” your market and use this secret information to better sell to (and profit from) them. 

Now, this training will be live and happening in real-time on Friday, October 5th at 12pm PST with a Q&A session following right after. 

(If you can’t make it, the video and audio recordings along with a transcript will be available—and I’m taking questions now to address on the call.) 

Thing is, after the live session, this training will be packaged up with a sales page and a nice bow—and a $100 increase in price. 

Until then, the training will be $100 off—but only until then. And there will be no answering of any burning itchy questions of any kind. 

To sign up and get your $100 off plus all your call-in (or emailed) questions answered, go here:


Stefanie Arroyo