At one of the most sought-after marketing events— the Titans Masterclass — Ben Settle gave a talk on the 7 critical email secrets that have made him and his clients and his subscribers millions upon millions of buckaroons. 

A talk I had the honor and privilege of livestreaming for my paid membership community, Biz Typology. 

If not an invited speaker or guest, the cost to attend Titans starts at $11,500. (If you don’t believe me, you can ask the head Titan Brian Kurtz yourself.)

However, out of Brian’s kindness, Biz Typology members are able to watch it for less than the cost of this month’s Netflix subscription. 

The video is still available in the BT Facebook group but, considering the rarity and the value of something like this, I can only keep up for so long—in fact, it will only until this Wednesday, Oct. 31st where, at midnight, it will go boo into the night.

Now, a few caveats: 

This is not a professionally shot video. As it was a Facebook livestream—and a last-minute privilege given by Brian—I shot it on my phone. (And, yes, in portrait-mode — I do make videos, but I’m by no means a videographer.)

Also, this is not the best angle—I had the choice of either showing the slideshow or the speaker, but not both. So, I had to take some creative license.

I say this because, if you want something snazzy with animation and a highlight reel, this isn’t for you. 

(If you want a professionally-shot video of his talk among others, including Perry Marshal and Jay Abraham, I highly suggest joining Titans at either the $11,500 — or, better yet, the $20,000 rate.)

But, if you want a 30-minute presentation on 7 not-so-nice (but oh-so-profitable) from the villainous email (m)ad-man himself, Ben Settle, then you best get yourself into the Biz Typology members-only group before the gruesome Halloween deadline.

To join and get instant-presto access to the talk, as Ben Settle would say, go forth ye here:

Stefanie Arroyo