The other day, I was in my office editing some videos when I saw something move in the corner of my eye. 

After the whole Talib-Kweli-calling-me-a-Nazi hullabaloo from two weeks ago (if you’re just tuning in, it’s exactly what it sounds like: according to a has-been rapper, Ben Settle and I are part of a white supremacist Nazi MLM) I was reminded of an email I got a little over a year ago, that is still one of my favorites to date:

Hi Stephanie,

I just unsubscribed from your list.

Nothing personal, but after carefully listening your 10 min video, and read in detail your last 4 emails, I did not get any interesting ideas that could lead me to think “hey, I was doing something wrong, but she might help me” or “I did not see things like that, that challenge common wisdom”.

At that point, if I’m convinced by your core idea (sell differently to different personalities), I still don’t see how this could be practicly [sic] leveraged in a real-world sale.

I don’t know if Ben Settle oversold your service/product/project, or if I’m just not a good fit for you.

Anyway, I wish you success, because you seem to be someone nice 🙂

[name redacted]

PS : According to 16personalities, I’m ENTJ-A. I know it’s not a very reliable test, but it might give you some clues.

PS2 : You don’t need to answer, but if you have questions, I’ll be glad to help.

PS3 : If you want an opinion from a potential customer to a new copy, feel free to ask. If you can help me land more sales, I’ll happily give you my money 🙂

Misspelling my name aside, I do have to give this guy credit for taking the time to write me such an in-depth reply (especially since, according to him, I have been not in-depth enough—and he wanted me to apply my teachings to his business for him) and also for saving me the trouble of removing him from my email list by doing it himself.

Which leads me to my point: 

It’s just as important to bring the right leads, clients and customers to buy from you, as it is to deter the wrong ones away. 

To borrow (and bastardize) a Dan Kennedy-ism: 

You have to cull the herd. 

And, much to the chagrin of my favorite unsubscriber, it’s much easier to do this when you know which types you want to attract—and repel—through your copy. 

Which is just one of the things covered in the upcoming Biz Typology copywriting training that’s coming up in less than 48 hours. 

In this two-hour LIVE training, we’ll be going over how to type your market and, with the secret cheat codes to their motivations and buying decisions, how to incorporate this into your copywriting to bring in the right—and turn away the wrong—leads, clients, and customers. 

This training is brand-spanking new—new even to Biz Typology subscribers— and, as such, is offered at a substantial discount—a $100 off what it will normally be going for. After the live call, however, it’ll be nicely repackaged up as its own info product—and $100 higher, as a procrastination tax.

To register for the training on 10/5 and secure your $100 discount plus access to all recordings and the transcript (especially if you can’t make the call), go here before the deadline lapses:

Stefanie Arroyo