Yesterday, someone sent me a Facebook post by a spiritual gouroux coach, calling out another coach for being a dangerous and toxic person. 

I only watched a few minutes of it (frankly I don’t really know either of them, nor do I care for them at this rate) but the gouroux was careful to recount all the ways in which manipulation, scare tactics, and near-blackmail to get money from clients. 

Which, brings up what I’ve been thinking about for the last year or so (especially since I’ve left the SJWoo community): 

Mindset coaching is the new televangelism. 

Except, instead of Bible-thumping about fire and brimstone, it’s journal-swatting about chakras and moonstone.

Because, if you don’t devote the last pennies to the coaches’ collection plate, you’re not showing the Yooniverse how much you *believe*. 

And all the luxury—the trips, the handbags, the cars—are because the Yooniverse wanted them to have it. Because they affirmed, they (juice) fasted. It’s theirs because the almighty Social Media Spirits gave it to them. 

And it can be yours, too! But only if you manifest hard enough. (Through their $2997 program.) Anything else is just evidence of your “lack mentality.”

Admittedly, I fell for this nonsense for a while—longer than I’d like to admit. Since then, I’ve wised up to the real ways in which you can build a business/Instagrammable lifestyle.


Building a list. Having an offer. And, most importantly, understanding my market. 

One of these ways you can better read your market—no crystal ball needed—is through personality typing, which helps you understand what your market really wants (and is actually buying), without having to resort to emotional blackmail, scare tactics, or reiki-infused voodoo dolls. 

I talk about this in a nearly two-hour training about how to accurately “type” yourself and your market, without needing clairvoyance. And, in Seasons 1 and 2 of Biz Typology, I go over (in short, bite-sized videos that can be quickly watched—and easily implemented) how to use your own personality type to build your list and generate content without having to do daily affirmations or praying to a vision board.

To find out more, without manifesting it, go here: