While packing for the first leg of 3380229404 flights over next few days, I remembered one of the in-flight movies I watched the last time I was trapped on a plane: Interstellar, the Christopher Nolan film from a few years ago. 

One of the things I’d gotten from the movie (besides a headache contemplating space theory) was a definitive example of how N’s operate—and by “N” I mean iNtuitive types. (Don’t let the weird spelling fool you–Introverts don’t like to share anything, let alone share their abbreviations.)

In the movie, Joe Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, is one “alright alright alright” away from calling it quits on his dusty, famine-stricken farm. But then, one mysterious occurrence after another results in an obsession with cracking a code—a code that ultimately led exploring worm holes in outer space. 

Joe is a textbook N: once a crazy idea (or several) take hold, they will chase after it across cornfields, into space, and even into the back of a bookcase that somehow ejects him into the future. (If you haven’t seen the movie, well… now you know what happens. #spoiler). 

My INTJ also suffers from this N-Game syndrome, and describes it like this: it’s like finding a loose thread on your shirt, then tugging on it endlessly (and often mercilessly) until you reach its end… even if it means maybe unraveling the whole thing.

So what does that mean? 

For N’s, the future is not just now—it’s catnip. It’s endless in its possibilities (both good and bad, mind you) and, as such, they become so preoccupied with it, they almost miss the present. 

And knowing this can be TREMENDOUSLY useful—especially if you’re selling to them. 

Why? Because most entrepreneurs are, by default, looking for the next thing. Their cornfields. Their wormholes. Their loose thread. If they’re not already hooked, they’re actively looking for bait. 

So, if you’re a copywriter or write your own copy that targets N’s, I can show you how to put out the most delectable-looking baited hook for them. 

In my upcoming Biz Typology Copywriting Training, I will show you not only how a N’s mind works, but also how to pique their curiosity so much they’ll want to chase after you (and your products and your mission) through space. They will want to pull at the loose thread. They’ll keep wanting to go farther, and longer, with you—all the way to the bottom of that sales page.

But, to get this, you need to sign up first. The training will be happening live on October 5th, at 3pm EST—if you can’t make it, you’ll have full access to both the video and audio replay *and* a transcript.

Now, this training will be recorded LIVE, so there isn’t a sales page for it yet. Later, when it’s bundled as its own info-product, there will be—and another $100 tacked onto the price. Until then, it’s sales page-less and available at a heavily discounted rate of $196—but only until the day of the training. After that, it’ll go back to the vault and reemerge anew (and more expensive.)

To join the training and get your $100 discount, go here: 


Stefanie Arroyo