Yesterday, news came out that two female rappers, who came to literal blows and fisticuffs at the Met Gala earlier this year, are at each other’s throat again. 

Not to go too much into detail, here’s the short and shorter of it: 

Rapper Nicki Minaj appeared on her radio show and made several claims about fellow rapper Cardi B, calling out (among other things) the legitimacy of Cardi’s street cred. 

Mainly that, during the highly-publicized catfight, Cardi had actually gotten beat up by one of her fellow co-stars and was not “accidentally hit” by security as she claimed in response to photos of her leaving the Met Gala with a black eye. 

This is the equivalent of the big-man-on-campus football jock, who said his black eye came last Friday’s game, was actually beat up by the nerd from art class who snuck into the locker room afterward… and the whole school finding out.

Cardi B then immediately responded in a barrage of angry Instagram videos and even angrier tweets calling Nicki a liar, threatening to sue her for defamation, and inviting her to talk it out or “fight it out,” whichever she preferred.  

As it so happens, Nicki’s newest single and music video was dropping that same day. 

So, what does she do?

Enlist Cardi B as her new marketing intern to enact a “pussies in a bag”  marketing plan. 

Since Cardi is an Ol’ Faithful of volatility, Nicki trolled her (on her own platform no less), knowing that Cardi would fan the flames of their “feud” and go viral, just in time for her featured single release.

She essentially lobbed Cardi the softest of softballs and, using her energy (and everyone’s love of a good catfight), boosted her own marketing and sales (of a guest single that, as of this writing has upwards of 17,000,000 streams on Spotify alone) with very little effort

Even if you’re not a big hip-hop fan (which, contrary to popular belief, I’m not), it was a pretty impressive affiliate marketing strategy. 

A strategy not too different from what Ben Settle did recently, to use another (has been) hip-hop artist to boost his own sales, netting him a cool extra $30,000 in a week with just a few emails. 

Ben recently revealed some of these marketing secrets in a 30-minute presentation he gave to Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class, with the likes of Perry Marshall and Jay Abraham in attendance. 

To join the mastermind, it costs upwards of almost $12,000. But, through Brian’s kindness, I was able to livestream this talk for my Biz Typology members-only Facebook group, essentially saving my subscribers $11,490 (and however much in flight and travel costs) while not requiring them to even so much as get out of bed to watch it. 

But, like all good things (including catfights), everything at some point must come to an end and access to this livestream—free for subscribers—will be summarily revoked by this TOMORROW, October 31st, just in time for trick-or-treating. 

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Stefanie Arroyo