The other day, I was in my office editing some videos when I saw something move in the corner of my eye. 

I turned my head… and made a horrible discovery:

It was a mouse. 

But not just any mouse: the biggest mouse I’d ever seen. 

A monster mouse. My own personal union rat.

To make matters worse, it knew its power: sitting on my rug, staring at me with its beady little eyes, he had me in a Mexican standoff. 

It was his house now. 

After much screaming…and some furniture parkour, because the floor was now cursed forever… and frantically calling my landlord, my mom, and my INTJ (not necessarily in that order)…I calmed down enough to figure out my next steps.

Thing is: for as much as I hated this mouse with every fiber of my being, I didn’t want to kill him. 

Not out of the kindness of my heart, mind you—but because having to dispose of a vermin carcass was only objectively worse than him as a new roommate.

I just wanted him to pack his little carpet bag and leave.

So, to the Internet (while sitting on top of a table) I went. 

And ordered with same-day delivery what appeared to be the very thing that would get rid of him, with minimal gore: a set of fairly expensive, high-tech, ultrasonic pest repellers. 

I didn’t care how it worked. 
I didn’t care how much it cost.

All that mattered to me was that the product spoke to exactly what I needed—the immediate deportation of the mouse terrorist that invaded my home by any means necessary (save for messy capital punishment). 

And, when the ad ticked that box, I then clicked to buy. 

Is there a copy lesson in this?

You betcha. 

And with that, on to the good stuff: 

My training on how to use personality typing in copywriting is happening in less than 48 hours. 

In this live two-hour training, I’ll go over how to effectively “type” your market—or,  know how your market would react when dealing with their own literal or figurative mice—and, knowing this information, how to write copy that gets them to click to buy hook, line, and sinker (and same-day delivery). 

And, until the day of, I am offering this training at a substantial discount (hence the lack of a sales page) of $100 off the regular pricing, including audio/video recordings, and a transcript for keepers. 

But, the discount is only until the training—after the live call, the training recordings will go into the vault and reemerge as its own info product with a sales page (and an extra $100 tacked on as a procrastination tax). 

To grab your seat, plus the recordings (especially if you can’t make the live call) and the $100 off, come on down:

Stefanie Arroyo