Over the past week, an article detailing all the hairy bits of a recent Gary Vee event has been making its rounds on the internet.

Written by former woopreneur turned MLM gouroux Leonie Dawson, she reviewed “the horror pitchfest” that was supposed to be a Vee-led conference and ended up being one NLP-laced sales pitch after another by wannaVees, shilling their wares. 

Gary did end up making an appearance (at the end, for about 20 minutes), only to leave a few Category-Vee gems like: 

“I am 100% about empathy. That’s what I am really teaching everyone here” and “just remember, everyone go home and PUNCH YOUR MOTHER IN THE MOUTH.”

Having escaped writing for the coaching community only not that long ago, I’ve known of Leonie for some time. So I was not surprised that someone who is best known for her coaching program, Shining Biz and Life Academy, or “how to become the Ultimate Hippy Creative Spiritual Business Goddess” (direct quote) would not be happy with advice that meant assaulting a parent. 

Which then reminded me of when I was similarly Veeboozled into attending a Daymond John event almost three years ago (by a life coaching friend no less) that ended up being an MLM meeting in a Holiday Inn conference center in the middle of New Jersey.  Daymond John was there, all right… on the projector screen for about five minutes.

Which leads me to my point: 

There are a lot of players at the Gouroux Casino, where people wilfully fling hrow away their time and money (and God knows what else) on the table in hopes of “making it.” 

But, there are certain things, places, and events that, no matter how large or small of an investment, you make out like Scrooge McDuck with your own pool full of gold coins.

One of these things includes Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Class which I was honored to attend as a guest this past weekend. 

Where wannaVees have to resort to grabbing you by the short-and-curlies with NLP and sleaze sales tactics, Brian provides actual, true value by featuring high-caliber guest speakers like Perry Marshall and Ben Settle and live-action hot seats with the likes of Jay Abraham. 

It would not be any exaggeration that the wealth of knowledge and experience in that room was well worth into the tens of millions of dollars if not more.  

But, like most things, you have to pay to play: to attend Master Class, it would cost you upwards of $11,500. 

Which is why when Brian graciously allowed me to livestream Ben Settle’s 30-minute talk on some of his most prized (and most profitable) email secrets for members of my membership site Biz Typology, I was ecstatic.

By doing that, he provided tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of information… for less than this month’s Netflix subscription. 

The video—recorded haphazardly on my phone, mind you—is still available in the Biz Typology members-only Facebook community, but only for a limited time. 

In it, Ben Settle—who, as you’ll see, Brian called the Jim Rutz of email—goes over the 7 deadly email secrets that your list (and your bank account) would love. 

Information that normally would be available only at a 5-figure premium… available now for roughly 33 cents a day.

But, like Ben’s time on Facebook, it will come to an end: after midnight on Halloween (or Weds. Oct 31st, if trick-or-treating isn’t a thing where you are), I will be taking the video down, for good. 

To get near instant-presto access to the 30-minute talk—along with dozens of other videos about  marketing and copywriting available in the membership portal and Facebook community—go here before the Wednesday deadline: 


Stefanie Arroyo