A while back, a client hired me because she was in what she called a “launch fog.”

After almost two weeks of nonstop live-streaming, value-giving, and freebie-fulfilling, she was exhausted. 

Even when she exceeded her initial financial goal, she was none the happier for it—if anything, she never wanted to do it again. 

We have the same personality type (ENFP) so I knew exactly what she was talking about as, a little over two years ago, did very much the same thing: 

I had paid a coach thousands upon thousands of dollars to give me a business plan (a week-long challenge, constant livestreams, and webinars, being “on” social media nonstop) that made me almost give up my business altogether. 

Which is why I gave her the best advice I’ve ever received: 

“When everyone else is doing one thing, do the opposite.” 

(And while a few internet schmarketers out there are trying—and failing—to take credit for this adage, it’s from Dan Kennedy.) 

Nowadays, where everyone zigs, I adamantly zag. 

This includes: 
– putting an immediate hard stop on all free masterclasses and challenges
– refusing to do a single webinar—or typical “launch”—ever again
– and, in the biggest FU to the coaching community, NOT making Facebook my main source of traffic and income.

And my business has only become all the *better* for it. Even if that’s against all the “rules” and “laws” of being a successful Internet marketer. Plus (and more importantly), it’s a lot more fun. 

And that’s because my business is now more attuned to my personality type, and not to a blanket, one-size-fits-all strategy. By not having 4039303 funnels with that many downsells, upsells, and sidesells, I no longer have the entrepreneurial ADD or “stuckness” that mindset coaches gleefully profit from. I actually get things done—and not because I’m all about the #hustle. And, better still, I now have the creative flexibility to do the things I WANT to do. 

Because, when I want to do it, I’m more passionate about it. And because I’m passionate about it, I’m better at it—which only benefits my clients and customers. So, everyone wins—even if it’s not according to some eponymously named gouroux launch program. And, by understanding your personality type, you—and, by extension, your clients, customers, and even family members and partners—can win too. 

Which is exactly what I told her, much to the relief of her launch-frazzled ENFP nerves. 

While everyone else is cramming your inbox with 48347483% off discounts, a free trial this and a bonus that, I’m giving you the same ol’ thing I’ve been giving for nearly a year now (!): An opportunity to join Biz Typology, my membership site where I show you exactly how to leverage your personality type (and those of others) to zig AND zag more effectively. 

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Stefanie Arroyo