“Just so you know… my family is a little weird.”

This is what I tell my friends or partners when they come over to visit my mom (after I explain she’s a Disney villain, of course).

I usually let the rest of the evening do the explaining for me but, until you come over, I’ll just tell you:

There’s no talking at the dinner table.

I don’t mean we speak only in hushed tones or that it’s not allowed or anything like that. I mean, literally no words are uttered while dinner is served.

They sit down, they dig in. But not before the cone of silence descends upon the table.

Anyone not in our family, or unaware of their weird ways, takes it as a personal slight. And later, they’d inevitably would say, “I don’t think your mom likes me very much.”

And, I can’t blame them:  *I* took it personally for years. When I’d yammer on and on at the table, talking about my day, I’d be met by stone-cold silence. If they’re feeling especially social, I’d get maybe a head-nod. Maybe.

Needless to say, it drove me crazy growing up. But, now I know better.

Because that’s just the way they are: they actually LIKE to eat in silence.

And, they’re not the only ones. When I relayed this to my INTJ, his face lit up like a heart-eyed emoji:

“My GOD, that sounds like heaven.”

(He later admitted that my mom, in her fellow INTJ-villainous ways, is his personal hero, but that’s for another email.)

With this information, I know how to communicate with him (and all the other INTJs in my life, as I’m surrounded on all sides). And, more importantly, how not to. 

I talk about this in my membership site, Biz Typology. But, this Friday, I’ll be going over how to apply this knowledge (how to—and not to—communicate with certain types, and make sure you’re heard) specifically in copywriting. 

Because, instead of eyes glazing over or a phone emerging out of a pocket and onto a dinner table, if you don’t communicate your thoughts and ideas (or, in this case, your product and offerings) your prospect could simply scroll away. 

And nobody wants that, no matter what type you are.

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Stefanie Arroyo