Reader and Biz Typology subscriber Manuel A. writes: 

Thanks for the Continuity Bonus Training.

I watched the entire video, subliminally.

I dozed a few times but was only halfway conked, and remember hearing your voice as I dreamt (I was being lectured for part of the dream, and there were huge spiders in outside bushes for some reason).

When I raised from my stupor, you were still yapping, I had clarity though, kind of an ahh-ha thing.

I know what I want to do, more based on who I am now. ISTJ-A.

I like a format crossover of what you and elBenbo are doing. 

A product based on “integrity.”

The continuity bonus training will cease being a “bonus” for Biz Typology subscribers in the next 6 hours. After that, it will be taken down and repackaged as an info product somewhere in the $300 range. 

So, if you join Biz Typology now (and watch the two-hour training), that leaves you four hours to immediately implement your new continuity offer. 

But, to get your head’s start (and save yourself about $287 in the process), you have to sign up (and watch the training) before the deadline. 

To access (and implement) immediately, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo