A few days ago, I emailed about how I loosened Herr Zuckerberg’s tentacled grip on my personal life by manually deleting the hundreds of apps linked to my Facebook account over the past 5 years.

The very next day, it was announced that there was a massive security breach which exposed over the private information (including phone numbers) of over 50 million Facebook users. 

The attackers also had access to… you guessed it: the passwords and possibly credit card information from the third-party apps users linked to their Facebook accounts.

The breach was SO bad, a commissioner for the FTC said, “Breaches don’t just violate our privacy. They create enormous risks for our economy and national security.” 

To be fair, I had no idea something like this would happen… so soon after I emailed about it, at least. 

(Here’s hoping that the next rub of my crystal balls will result in prize stock picks.)

Anyway, enough Miss Cleo and onto the good stuff: 

In a few days, I will be giving a training on how to use personality typing—a  veritable crystal ball into your market’s psyche and every buying—when writing copy. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or looking to improve your own copy skills, I will go over how to “type” your clients and customers so you can create the sales copy that drives them to click to buy so fast it’s almost like you read their minds (and could tell the future to boot).

This training will be happening live this Friday, October 5th at 12pm PST. And, since it’s live, there will be a Q&A session immediately following for those attending (and, if you can’t make it, to address any questions sent ahead of time). 

Since this training is new (and will be held for the first time ever), there is no sales page—which is why there is a substantial discount (a full $100 off) on what the training *will* cost once it’s packaged up and sold as its own info product. 

But, this is offer is only until the day of the training. 

To reserve your spot in the live training (including the video/audio replay and transcript) and your $100 discount, go here before the Oct. 5th deadline: 


Stefanie Arroyo