In response to yesterday’s email (about Gary Wanna-Vees and chest-beating loud-mouth Internet baht-millionaires), a client of mine said the following: 

“#truth I am such an introvert who is mistaken for an extrovert…!!” 

Thing is, she’s not the first one to tell me this. 

In fact, introverts more likely to be mistyped as extroverts than any anyone else in personality typing. And this is especially the case for business owners. Which, exposes an inherent flaw in personality typing as we commonly think of it—taking a free test on the internets to share on our Facebook page.

Because much of what makes up online marketing and “personal branding” is considered “extroverted” activities. Like: 

>> Attending networking events
>> Presenting seminars. 
>> Leading group programs.
>> Speaking on stages. 
>> Being on camera. 

The list goes on. 

And, as a result of doing these things and doing them well  (and possibly even *gasp* enjoying them), that free Internet quiz you took says you’re an Extroverted something-something-something, even though deep down you \*know\* you’re not an ENFP, or ESTJ…or whatever it was that you were.

So, why does this matter? 

Well, by thinking you’re one type when you’re actually an entirely different one, you can really stress yourself out—especially if you find yourself trying to emulate these rahh-rahh #HUSTLE  internet marketers like the ones I mentioned yesterday.

And, worse yet, it can often lead you to question your ability to market your business properly.  Or worse, whether or not an online business is even meant for you at all. Which, as I hinted at in yesterday’s email, is far from the truth: 

The savviest, most strategic, most shrewd and sharp-minded entrepreneurs we \*all\* know are introverts. 

Such as Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s leading marketing strategists—and the world’s highest-paid copywriter. And Ben Settle, the world leader in email copywriting education whose $97 a month newsletter is read in almost 40 countries. And let’s not forget Brendon Burchard and the Titaness, Oprah, just to name a few more. 

While I can’t guarantee that I can make you a New York Times Bestseller and 8-figure marketing strategist (yet), I can promise you that my membership site, Biz Typology, will give you more insight into your own inner workings (and thus, \*actual\* strengths and weaknesses) than a flawed and sometimes unreliable free Internet quiz—and in just 4 easy-peasy questions, and for less than your Netflix subscription.

As Biz Typology subscriber Jerrod Harlan put it: 

 “I am literally 15 minutes into the masterclass and have already discovered that I actually align with Introvert. I have thought my whole life that I was an extrovert, but your traits of an introvert are dead on with me. Most impactful $10 I’ve spent in a loooong time!”

To get instant-presto access to over 50 short-bite instructional videos—including the bonus masterclass that gave Jerrod his lightbulb only 15 minutes in—plus access to the 100+ strong members-only Facebook community, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo