I was puttering around Facebook (as most of these stories go) when I spied a particularly well-known Internet marketer spewing the grim, sordid details of his failed relationship all over my newsfeed. 

Of how hurt he was that his girlfriend changed their relationship status (again).

Of how much more he should have loved and appreciated her.

Of how he took her and her kids for granted, and now is sorely paying the price. 

This was splashed all for the world to see, in a post so long it opens in another tab (yes, one of those) where, even after 28493849339 scrolls to the bottom, he didn’t arrive at any better solution than where he started. 

He, in other words, is wearing his E on his sleeve—so much so, he was being an E-Hole.

As an Extrovert (and, if I’m being honest, a recovering E-hole) myself, I know this tendency far too well. It’s one thing to interpret your world “out loud”—but, when it comes to marketing and sales, this can be disastrous.

On a discovery call, the more you talk over a client (“Oh, I can definitely help you with that! And I can also…”) the more objections you create. 

(Something I experienced in my own business and most recently while shopping around with my INTJ—the more the salesperson talked, the more he *didn’t* want to throw down thousands on the spot. More on that later though.) 

And, in a sales page, the more claims you make, the more incredulity you invite. 

(Even if it seems like the “right thing” to include a guarantee, there is a knife’s edge between a prospect feeling reassured…and rolling their eyes, think “yeah, sure” while clicking the page closed—and your offer and brand—forever.)

Which is why, in a little over a week, I will be giving a LIVE two-hour training on how to use personality typing to “type” your market (the secret cheat code to how your market makes their buying decisions—including their objections) and use that information for good and profit to create copy only helps them with their decision to click “add to cart”  instead of the X on their browser window.

Now, this training is completely new and, as such, there is no sales page and is being given at a significant discount. at After this live session is held, it will be repackaged as its own info product—and a full $100 *more* than if you join now. 

The call will be held via Zoom on 10/5 at 12 pm PST with a live Q&A following right after. 

(Not to worry if you can’t make the 10/5 session—by joining, you will receive the audio and video recordings and a transcript that are yours to keep. And I will be answering ALL questions emailed to me prior to the training and during the live call.) 

To secure your spot in the live training, access to the live Q&A, and the audio/video recordings and transcript at the $100 discount, go here before the deadline: 


Stefanie Arroyo