A couple of days ago, a post floated up to the top of the neverending shyt-fountain that is my Facebook feed.

It was by yet another arse-tral projecting witchpreneur, complaining about how a medium ripped her off of a sizable chunk of change by not delivering on inner child readings she paid for. 

(My imagination ain’t nearly this good.) 

Along with her diatribe about being shafted by a shapeshifter, she posted roughly 282728292 screenshots of what went down.

Apparently, the spiritual death coach had tried repeatedly to back out of her healing services, citing a slew of reasons:

-She wasn’t coachable.
-Her energy was too blocked
-And (my personal favorite) her inner little girl was stubborn and had retreated too far for her to access her.

Amidst of all this, there was the usual coaching kerfuffle:  threatening to file PayPal claims, air grievances online, etc. etc.

But, a new one emerged from the spiritual ether regions: 

The threat to reverse or even “reactivate” “negative energetic cords.”

Basically, the mediumpreneur said she’d slash the energy tires of her witchmobile (“witch” is why they should stick to brooms) if she opened a claim against her on PayPal.

It was downright supernatural to behold. 

And, a reminder of why I got out of the life coaching spiritpreneur realm to begin with.

Not only because of a lack of alignment—but because  “reactivating negative energetic cords” don’t pay the bills. Nor do those cord-reactivators make for good clients to help create actual, viable businesses with actual, steady income (instead of just diddling their chakras online).

Which is (one of many reasons) why I created a two-hour training on how to create a continuity offer that can withstand hexes and curses—and is even inner-childproof. 

In this training, I go over exactly how I created my membership site Biz Typology, from soup to nuts—from offer creation, content delivery, all the way through the tech backend that meets with my P-brained, scattered ways. 

(No witchcraft, mediums, or knowing the astral forecast required—in fact, it works even better during Mercury in retrograde.) 

This training is available for free to Biz Typology subscribers—but like the waning moon, it will come to an end. After Sunday eve, the training will scuttle back into the vault, to re-emerge in its new, higher-prices form (of about $297 or so).

To get access to the training—plus the 20+ videos on how to use the almost medium-like powers of personality typing to read the minds of your clients, customers, employees, and even loved ones—go forth ye here before the deadline:


Stefanie Arroyo