After traveling for about 12 hours, I groggily woke up alone in bed, with the following drippingly-romantic love letter in my inbox from Ben Settle. Hallmark, take note — this is what romance looks like: 

I want to do the livestream about profiting from trolls in your group today. Tell everyone. I will do it when I get back [from my 10-mile walk], not sure the exact time, but it will be probably before noon PDT.  They will have to be there live for as we will take it down immediately after. The best question will get a free copy of my $986 Affiliate Launch Copynomicon book. Thank you.

Alas, here we are. 

(The “Thank you” was the real heart-melter.) 

As Yours Dryly as said, he will be making a rare appearance on livestream in my subscribers-only Facebook group.

If you caught my not-so-sneaky recording of his presentation at Brian Kurtz’ Titans Master Cass that was summarily wiped from the Internet only a few days ago, this is another—albeit just as limited—opportunity to learn more from the Troll-Tamer himself on how to use haters for profit. 

(Like how he padded his wallet with a nice cushy extra $30,000 from a major hip-hop artist calling him a racist on Twitter.) 

And if you totally fumbled and missed that golden opportunity (that last livestream in particular was worth $11,500—literally, as the cost of attendance to the Master Class), here’s your (likely) last chance.

Because, like that livestream, this will be up for only a limited time. 

But, unlike that livestream, it’ll be up for an even shorter window—it will be coming down immediately after its over. 

(Before anyone angrily replies to me—again: those are his rules, I just follow them.) 

To access this live training (before it goes poof TODAY), and to get a chance to win his newest $986 product, the Affiliate Launch Copynomicon, for free, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo