A few months ago, I was interviewed by email villain and general evil overlord, Ben Settle, about personality typing. 

In it, we talked about copywriting, hiring, and even fee negotiation.

But, as any conversation between an ENFP and an INTJ things got, well… interesting. 

Here’s Part 5, the final (albeit short) chapter, of our interview. 

BEN SETTLE:  What about outside of business? You talk about how this applied to your dating life, it could apply to your family life, work life. If you have a job still, or if you have bosses, if you’re dealing with parents, whatever. How does this apply? 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Totally. I remember my last job that I had, I worked for an ENTJ. Knowing how his brain worked, why it worked the way that it did, was infinitely helpful for me, because whenever I needed to communicate with him I knew exactly how I needed to speak to him. When I asked for a raise, I knew how to couch it in the way they would work because, as an ENTJ, feeling words wasn’t gonna work for him. But, if I told him “I deserve a raise because I did X, Y, Z”, or “I got this particular result for you”, that was a way more productive conversation than any other way. Even just work life, that’s infinitely better for you to deal with your bosses and other coworkers. 

BEN SETTLE: Or, if you’re going after client work. If they’re an “F” you’re not gonna come out all direct like that. 


BEN SETTLE: How would you do that with an “F”? 

STEFANIE ARROYO: The raise conversation you mean? Well, I would just talk about how I felt being there, how I felt so motivated to be there, the company culture would also be a really big thing. Emotional, feeling stuff like that. But, as a “T” he wanted results, so I had to show him, “I got you this client that netted this much amount for the firm—so, in kind, this is what I should have a raise for.” It was very logical, it was very rational, and that’s how it happened. You asked about friends and family. My family is all INTJs, so me being the black emotive sheep, I had to learn that, “No, I can’t just barrage my brother with all these pointless stories of my day, because he doesn’t want to hear it, because he needs his time alone.” Or, it’s totally normal when my family eats in silence. No one’s mad at each other, they’re just enjoying their meal quietly. 

BEN SETTLE: God, I wish my family was like that. People don’t shut up when I’m trying to eat. Even, yesterday at that festival, it was just, “Yappity, yap,” I was just, “Shhh.” 

STEFANIE ARROYO: Hahaha, yeah. It definitely helped me with not taking things personally when my brother didn’t want to talk to me—things like that. And then, dating life: there’s an infinite number of examples there, especially in not taking things personally… ahem, Ben. If someone who so happens to be an INTJ and is relating to me directly, like they’re just going to tell me directly what they think, and not to take it as how I think they feel about it, because it’s not really a feeling thing. Just as a small example. It definitely helps with knowing what makes someone tick, and the reason why they behave this way, and not to take things personally, not because it’s a thing against you, it’s just that’s the way they are. I think even you used that example with Patrice O’Neal. You can’t be angry at a fish for being a fish. 

BEN SETTLE: Right, he was talking about dating and dealing with girls and all that. He was trying to help mush cookie type guys. They have all these drawers full of love letters from these girls that end up leaving them. He’s like, “You can’t be mad at women. That’s just the creature they are.” He goes, “It’s like my fish. They see me coming and they get excited and they all come up to the top,” because he’s feeding them, and, “Hey, this guy’s trying to feed me!” Then he goes in there to pet them and they run away, “Hey, this guy’s trying to touch me!” He can’t get mad at his fish for that. That’s just the creature they are. So, you can apply that to type. Whatever personality someone is, that’s just the creature they are. You can’t change them, you shouldn’t want to. You should just use that to your advantage. Well, that’s what I would do anyway. I’m thinking of manipulation. 

STEFANIE ARROYO: What a villain thing to say, but yes, that too… 

And so on. 

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