The Talib Kweli Troll Translator

In my last email, I talked about the white supremacist Twitter club that rapper Talib Kweli so graciously inducted me into yesterday. 

As one would expect from vitriol-fueled, button-mashing Twitter personalities, the fun has only escalated: 

He’s gone from calling me a white supremacist to attack-tweeting me over and over (and over and over) again about me and my acts of “supremacy”— including screenshots of my email yesterday, my photos (which shows just how much of a “Nazi lady” I am—his words), and even my Facebook posts. 

(It would not surprise me if he tweets my home address soon—concerted SJW harassment does follow a formula, after all.) 

This of course reinvigorated and reenergized his angry band of white fans’  taste for my brown blood. Which led to one of my greatest creations:

The #TrollTranslator. 

As I mentioned yesterday, understanding personality typing has not only helped me close more sales, get better clients and customers, and overall get along with others better (Talib & Friends notwithstanding)—it also has given me the “cheat codes” to human nature.

Much like how studying martial arts can help you move more fluidly and know all your soft spots… and how to hit them in others.

Kind of like the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

(And, if *this* email gets to Talib too: not that I’m saying hurting people is okay. That is, unless they’re trolls.)

The #TrollTranslator works like this: 

When someone sends me some acidic craziness, I would capture that person’s insanity (by retweet or screen cap)… and translate it in my own tweet. 

For instance: 

When someone would come at me with something infantile (and in usually in caps) like, “You said you were in the White Supremacy Club yourself, RACIST!” (real quote)

My #TrollTranslator would quote it and translate it into what they were really saying, which is: “I don’t know how to read.” 

Or, when a wild virtue-signaler would appear and say, “Hi, Latino here. Never got nothing but respect from Talib. BECAUSE I’M NOT RACIST” (also real quote)

My #TrollTranslator would then interpret their words and reveal their meaning: “I want a cookie, Talib. Can you please give me a cookie?” 

And so on. 

This was effective for two reasons: 

1- Trolls, by way of their personality type (and the narcissism created by social media, but that’s another email) need attention. It is their oxygen. So, while the Troll Translator acknowledged their stupidity, it directly responding to them.

With the Troll Translator, I was suffocating them. 

2 – Trolls, also by way of their personality type, are deeply emotional. They not only CARE!!!11 about their cause, they care even more about what others think of them while doing it. So, mocking them would not only weaken their pitchfork-hold—but also reveal their vulnerability to others. 

The Troll Translator reduces their self-righteous online crusade… into a piñata. 

In effect, the Troll Translator is both rope-a-dope *and* a one-two punch, all at once. 

And it was great.

Now, as I said before, these powers can—and should—be primarily used to good.  Because what made the Troll Translator so effective (and so hilarious) can be used to make better connections…and better income.

Which is why I will be holding my long-awaited training on how to use personality typing in copywriting. 

In this two-hour training, I will show you how to “type” the personalities of your potential customer and leads, and how to use this knowledge to create copy that makes them not only *want* to click to buy but excited use the product or service you’re selling. 

This will be a live event that will be recorded to sell as own info product later on, so there’s no sales page. Which is I will be offering this training at a seriously discounted rate (nearly 50% off)—but only if you sign up before the 9/28 live session. 

After that, it’s going to be packaged up nicely with a bow (and a sales page), and nearly twice as much. 

And, as an extra bonus, the live session will include a Q&A session so you can ask any burning, itching questions you might have about Biz Typology in copywriting that have come up during the course of the training.

(An additional bonus-in-a-bonus: this Q&A will be available as part of the recording for later buyers of the product, but only early-bird attendants will be able to actually ask questions.) 

To secure your spot (and discount) to attend the Biz Typology copywriting training and the accompanying Q&A (no Troll Translator necessary), go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

Why I’m a Charter Member of the Ben Settle White Supremacy Twitter Club

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been called a racist, a white supremacist, an MLM scam artist, a Nazi, a spammer, all-around terrible person, a scumbag, a 9/11 apologist, a “garbage human,” and several other colorful things… hundreds of times. 

(And that’s not Latina-drama numbers, that’s what Twitter analytics has told me—and that’s not counting subtweeted screenshots and deleted tweets.) 

And, in the midst of this shytflinging in my Twitter mentions, I was able to get 3 new Biz Typology members, 2 new consulting clients—and increase my list by 10%.

How did I do this, you ask? 

Well, here’s what happened:

Talib Kweli, a rapper who was popular about 20 years ago, got offended when I noted by tweet that, in my disastrous foray in the NYC dating scene, most of my bad OkCupid dates were 1- fans of his and 2- white. 

Thing is: Talib doesn’t particularly like white people. 

In fact, he was openly complaining about white people when I mentioned this fact—which, it turns out, he didn’t like being reminded of. 

So, naturally, he called me a white supremacist and a racist—multiple times.

Then, like good little trolls, his (primarily male, primarily white) fanbase took upon themselves to “investigate,” where it was “discovered” (in plain sight) that I, and a few other people who were roped into this racist rodeo, have online businesses. 

According to them, I am: 

– A part of an MLM scheme

– Specifically, a *Nazi* MLM scheme

– Even more specifically: a Nazi MLM scheme that pays by clicks. 

Not leads, or even customers or buyers—just literal clicks. 

(Their evidence for this? A Facebook ads webinar that describes an ad being “10 cents per click.”)

According to their “findings,” Ben Settle is my upline—the Grand Dragon of the whole click-collecting scam—and, as a group, we were purposefully kicking the POC beehive while cackling and rubbing our claws like Smaug and gobbling up these shiny click-coins.

And, with their troll-like, bulbous eyes glittering over their new-found treasure, they went to town—tweeting and subtweeting me left and right about my slimy, scummy MLM business, my terrible taste and broken moral compass, being a “garbage human,” and being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, white racist.

Because, according to them, I’m also laughably, horribly white.

(Which, if you didn’t know by now, I’m not.) 

But, of course, as a good little MLMer, I learned from my wizard upline Ben Settle’s teachings. Specifically: 

If you’re going to be painted a villain, you might as well play the part well. 

Now, much to Talib’s chagrin, I didn’t burn a cross on Ben’s yard. But, if I am going to be “trolling for clicks,” I made sure that they had the right URL. 

And, I made a point to “type” my Talib-trolls—and not engage with them the way they were hoping I would (mud-slinging and shyt-flinging), but instead to openly mock them. 

(Which, as you can imagine, was very easy to do, considering how little they knew about marketing, business, or even what real racism looks like—which is an awful lot like a group of angry white men attacking a brown woman online.) 

But, most importantly: 

By knowing their types (and thus their Twitter-genda) I knew when to engage and throw a little meat in (and how)… and when to let them starve.

Granted, there are some who are much better at this than I am—any conservative commentator worth their salt has already honed the villainous skill of using their troll-piranhas for good and profit—but, understanding typology made that much easier to take their vitriol and alchemize it into those magical click-coins in the form of new subscribers, paying members, and high-ticket clients.

To learn how to use the energy of others (whether it be problematic clients, wishy-washy leads, or your own angry Twitter villagers with pitchforks) to fuel and fund your business, go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

The George Constanza School of Mind-Control

Last night, I watched the “Pez Dispenser” episode of Seinfeld. It was a great episode, but not for the obvious candy references.

In it, George was worried that his uppity girlfriend was about to break up with him. 

The end was inevitable. And he was pissed.

(After all, she demoted him from a dinner date to, “let’s get lunch.”)

It wasn’t so much that he’d miss her as much as he wanted to save face. (As he put it, he wanted, just for once in his life, to have the upper hand. She was dunking over his head so much, he had no hand to speak of.) 

So, Kramer gives him the idea to break up with her first. 

By preemptively breaking up with her,  he’d turn around his losing hand—by flipping the entire Monopoly board over. And it wasn’t like he had anything to lose anyway.

And, as reverse-psychology would have it, it worked. Or, as he said: not only did he have the upper hand for once, he had so much hand “it was coming out of his gloves.”

After threatening to break up, she was willing to do everything and anything to make him stay. 

(Of course, they broke up anyway, but that’s Constanza for you.) 

Anyway, here’s the point:

By understanding people’s hot buttons, you can basically make them do whatever you want. 

Whether it’s objections on a sales call or your own frigid relationship you want to defrost, you can turn it around—but, only if you know what they’re thinking (or feeling) first. 

Even if you have a crap set of properties and keep rolling bad dice, you can flip the Monopoly board to your own advantage.

Which, is one of the things I talk about in the latest season of The HR Czar—specifically in a short, 10-minute episode called “HR F-Ups,” where I talk about how I flipped the Monopoly board on a rather problematic Constanza-like colleague and got her to do whatever I wanted (for good, of course). 

With just one little change (so not even a full flip of the game board), I was able to coax someone who lived to make staff members’ lives hell into becoming my champion in the workplace. 

(This is especially helpful when dealing with reckless trolls online, unruly clients, or even if you sensing some pushback—or freeze-out—in your personal relationships.) 

This episode—and about 20 others—is immediately available to watch (and implement) in my membership site, Biz Typology. 

And—in flipping my own personal pool table—at the end of this weekend, I will be *removing* one of my highest value bonuses that’s currently available free to Biz Typology subscribers: a two-hour training on how to create your own continuity product (whether it be your own newsletter, membership site, or other kinds of recurring offers) using your own unique personality type. 

In this training, I pull the curtain completely back in how I created my membership site—from creation to execution, soup to nuts, including the backend tech parts—that worked for my specific personality type, and how to do the same for yours. 

(And, no, I’m not talking about a cut-and-paste swipe of my own business like some folks do—I mean how to create an offer that works for you, your way.)

But, this training will be disappearing from the membership site after this Sunday. 

Which means, not only do you have to join by Sunday, but you have to have consumed it by then, too. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it’s available as its own info product—for about $297 or so. 

(Talk about flipping shizz over.) 

To get immediate access to the HR Czar—and to the two-hour continuity training for free—go here before deadline Sunday:

Stefanie Arroyo

Butthurt Design

A couple of months ago, someone anger-typed a very wordy, butthurt response to one of my (many) emails about Human Design being bullshite. 

The email was far too emotional even for me, but, to paraphrase, he basically said that, while I say I’m great at getting clients and “convincing them to buy,” me having a membership site indicated otherwise.

This reminded me of an experience while managing my mother’s luxury resale shop in Manhattan in my early twenties: 

A customer was interested in a Louis Vuitton bag we had on display. While taking it out of the window for her, I explained that Vuitton was one of the most sought-after brands we carried and, as such, hard to keep in stock.

She scoffed and snorted out, “Then why is this still here?”

I was only 22 at the time, so I put the bag back and politely suggested other boutiques she could visit (in hell). 

Now, 10 years later, I not only understand why someone would respond that way, but I actually like it. 

Thing is, there are certain personality types who not only miss the forest for the trees, but they’re busy counting the leaves on each ugly branch they hit on the way down. 

What that customer thought was a smart-ass or witty remark was missing the point: had she asked, I would have further explained that it was the last of the eighteen LV bags we sold that month.  

And, had that HD apologist asked what prompted me to create Biz Typology, I would have explained that I teach personality type-based marketing *because* it has helped me and my clients get more (and better) sales, clients, and customers. 

(Which, yes, can mean more monie when applied to your sales, copywriting, and marketing skills. But it also means easier and more efficient ways to run your business and daily life, improving your working and personal relationships, and also greater peace of mind.)

But the reason why I appreciate comments like this is that, once you recognize these types, their laser focus can be harnessed and used for good—and, yes, profit. 

I talk about this in not one but TWO videos in the new season of The HR Czar, available now in my membership site, Biz Typology.

This is especially helpful if you identify as an E or INTP/J—in one video, “Dial ‘N’ for Biz Murder,” I go over how the high-powered litigator I worked for did this with aplomb to scale his multi-million dollar firm stocked with only ride-or-die employees.

To know what I mean, here:

Why I want to crack open my INTJ’s skull

In Gone Girl, one of my favorite movies (and not just because it’s prime Typology-in-Action material), Ben Affleck opens the film twirling his wife’s hair with his fingers, stroking her head, and having the following, mildly harrowing thought:

“When I think of my wife, I always think of the back of her head. I picture cracking her lovely skull, unspooling her brain, trying to get answers.”

This is no different than how I look at my INTJ. 

When he’s thinking (which is pretty much always) you can practically hear the cogs whirring in his brain. 

If plans have changed or if he so much as has to make a decision in any way, his brow furrows and you can hear his CPU click on, his internal processor running at full clock speed, as he rapidly computes all possible outcomes before calming giving the answer…all in about .2 seconds. 

And, not unlike Ben Affleck, it makes me want to break open this Ben’s skull to see what’s inside. 

And, frankly, this is what you should feel (or think, if you’re also a T) about your market. 

You should want to break open their skulls and see what’s going on in the inside. To want to know what they’re doing, seeing, thinking, and feeling—and why. 

Not just for shites and giggles, of course—and definitely not just for the woo-woo “love what you do” sentiment either. 

(Though that does help, that’s a typing conversation for another day.)

But so that you know what is going on in their lovely skulls so you can sell to them more, better, and smarter. Because you’ll know exactly what to say and when to say it (and why)—without so much as breaking a sweat. Sales, copywriting, and marketing won’t be a mystery anymore—and it’ll actually be *easy.*

To unspool your market’s brains (no skull-smashing needed), go here:

Your Royal I-Ness

Earlier this summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere), I was hired by an Introverted business coach who specializes in helping other Introverts (or I’s) get their feet wet in business while avoiding live-streaming 24/7, constant client calls and freebie webinars, or otherwise talking too much. 

And, even as she’s an I herself, here’s what she said about it: 

Working with Stefanie was exactly what I needed. Not only did she help me write a full sales page for my membership offer, but she also explained her thought process as we crafted the letter together. Now, I find writing sales copy to be much easier and fun as I think back to our conversations.
I appreciate how she showed me how to write bullets that tease instead of tell. 

A few weeks after that coaching session, I launched a limited group coaching offer, writing my own bullets and the offer quickly sold out. When I asked one client why she bought, she mentioned that she wanted to learn how to get her own clients rushing to pay the same way I compelled her to buy.

My sessions with Stefanie were invaluable and have already paid for themselves many times over. I’m so glad I made the decision to work with her.

If you want to learn how to do the same—and don’t want to have to pay my sky-high coaching fees—the gateway drug is Biz Typology, where you can learn via video training how to use personality typing in your sales, marketing, and copywriting to get more (and better) clients and sales, much like she did. 

To enter the dark side (and everything that goes along with it), go here:

Stefanie Arroyo

Stefanie Arroyo 
Copywriter | Biz Typologist

Stefanie Arroyo LLC
© 2011 – 2018 Stefanie Arroyo LLC. All rights most certainly and unequivocally reserved. 

My disgusting addiction that horrifies men

I have a terrible confession to make:

I am madly in love… with the trashy TV show, 90 Day Fiancé.

The show is about couples who are applying for a K-1 visa (the fiancé visa) so their foreign spouse can move to the United States and apply for a green card. Thing is, per US law, once they get the visa, they have to marry in 90 days. 

Often the couples have never met each other in-person before and, other than the occasional Skype call or messenger chat, don’t really know each other. So, as you can imagine, you have the usual suspects: 

– The creepy divorcee traveling to Latin America/Southeast Asia to meet the younger woman he fell in love with online (or by mail-order) 

– The foreign “model” in search of a (rich, older, potentially green-card-giving) man

– The older single parent so desperate for love, they’re a catfish’s easy pickings

– The younger, hotter cad looking for a lazy leg up and into the US

(There are also normal people who do this, those who met during study-abroad or  while backpacking through Europe—but, let’s face it, they’re boring.)

But, besides the obvious rubbernecking entertainment, this is also a very useful exercise of Typing-in-Action. Like, when a poor schlub falls so cringingly hard for the clearly gold-digging catfish…Or when the younger, hotter foreigner uses their feminine (and sometimes masculine) wiles to seduce them in the first place…

It’s easy to see how much they are embodying their personality type—and how easily manipulated (and manipulative) the types of others can be. 

Specifically, how someone can be so forward-thinking and cold as to use whatever foils they have (looks, youth, status, etc.) to seduce, bewilder, and entice… or, to be so short-sighted, emotional, and impulsive they willingly fling themselves (and countless time and monie) at them. 

Of course, I wouldn’t condone manipulating anyone.  

(Well, out-loud anyway.)

But, knowing what hot buttons to push can be enormously helpful, especially if you’re selling or servicing or otherwise marketing to a particular (likely hot, thirsty, desperate) audience. 

It can also be helpful to know what vulnerabilities to protect in yourself, so you don’t end up in the marketing tropics, looking falling for your own Client Catfish. 

And you don’t have to embarrass yourself on TV to do it. 

If you want to learn how to identify and how to ethically these buttons to get your market to buy from you and even sell for you… and how to detect (and protect) your vulnerabilities faster than a TSA scan, then look no further than Biz Typology, where I teach how to use personality typing to your (hopefully benevolent) advantage. 

To join for 1/10000th of a plane ticket (no travel vaccinations or visas needed), go here:

Burning Human Design at the stake

In the not-so-distant past, the following post came up on my newsfeed:

“Myers Briggs is cool and all, but Human Design is really where it’s at.”

(Followed by the necessary hashtags “#JustSayin” and “#FeckNormal” according to the Female Facebookpreneur Coach Rule No. 838283738292.) 

If you don’t know what Human Design is, I’ll save you the trouble: 

Per their website, Human Design  is “a map of your unique genetic design” that came into being by a “messenger” named Ra Uru Hu, who had a “mystical encounter with the Voice” during which the entirety of Human Design System was energetically downloaded to him over (the very biblical-sounding) eight days and nights. 

Or, what I later found out (and the story vastly prefer):

A man named Alan Krakower, from the mystical land of Canada, took thinly pummeled astrology, dusted it in i-Ching, and garnished it with chakral energy “science.” Then, after several years of obscurity in the 80s, presto-chango!, changed his name to more ethnic-sounding vowels and revealed his “awakening” to the masses.

In other words: what is being currently sold as the newest, mystical hot shite is really just 30-year-old cold, made-up diarrhea.

But, if you went by the comments—and most of spiritual gouroux Fakebook nowadays—HD is the second coming of Christ-on-a-stick.

Of course, forever the investigator, I made myself the guinea pig and looked up my own Human Design through the online quiz provided.

The questions asked? My birthdate, birth time, and birth place. 

Basically, no different than what an astrologer would.

And, what I got? A “report” resembling a convoluted subway map that oh-so-happens to require interpretation by a certified Human Design expert. 

This—your birth details transposed over your “energetic centers’— is what is being argued (genuinely and ferociously) to be the REAL foundation of marketing and business decisions, as well as working  and romantic relationships. 

Not science (or even “science”). 
Not human psychology and its effects on personality. 
And definitely not the complex nature of interpersonal dynamics as matured through experience and time. 

Nope. Just your birthday. 

Alas, that’s not what I teach. 

In fact, what I teach is SO unsmexy, it’s no longer “where it’s at” according to this spiritual witchpreneur, and should summarily be burned at the stake.

Instead of  astral planes and planetary positions, what I teach (how to use your personality type, and the types of others, to your benevolent advantage) can be found out in just four relatively banal (but easy to remember) questions that have nothing to do with your next birthday party.

But, where Human Design is (literally) made up of glittery mysticism, Biz Typology is based on (real, boring, hard) science. 100-year old psychological findings that in fact happen to be the Mac Daddy of the whole “typing of your real self” that all the above tools supposedly help you solve.  

Which is I understand how otherwise smart people would gravitate towards things like Human Design or even slightly more intelligible “tools” like Enneagram, Fascinate, Big 5, and so on (and on and on)—in comparison to the seductive lacy lingerie that is pseudo-science, Biz Typology is the white, cotton granny-panty science.

But, at least it’s science. 

To learn more about what these un-smexy, unbuttered potato questions are…the (real) science behind typology… and how to use it in your marketing, sales, and your day-to-day lives (no birthday needed), go here:

The Crotchety Voyages of Captain elBenbo

The other night, my INTJ and I were watching an old sea-adventure movie called “Captains Courageous.” Having been made over 80 years ago, it’s only *slightly* older than my INTJ but, like him, it has a lot of heart and business lessons (despite its/his crotchety old timey-ness). 

Here’s what I mean:  

In it, a shipping tycoon’s spoiled brat of a son—at only 10 years old—was constantly lying, cheating, and scheming his way to getting his way, at whatever cost. 

Whether it becoming an editor of the school newspaper, getting an A on his history exam, or, later, trying to get out of fish-head-cleaning duty on the fishing boat he ends up on, he (a true ENTJ, I might add) used bribery, trickery, and other such deceptions to get what he wanted, whenever he wanted, even if it meant people might get hurt, in deep water, or potentially fired.

(Not too different from the media today, but anyway.) 

At first glance, this seemed like a great high-seas, child-villainy movie. 

But, what was most notable part of the movie was that the “villain,” wasn’t really a villain at all—he was just a misguided kid stranded at sea without an outlet for his smarts.

Kind of like today’s marketers. 

They may act childish (often) and even resort to fishy double-dealing and duplicity in their marketing, but they’re not villains or even bad kids per se.

They, like our junior sea-faring Machiavelli, are just misguided. 

Admittedly, I very narrowly missed that duplicitous sandpit while copywriting in the coaching niche—using cheesy “sales ladder” posts to promote my services (not even my list), focusing on faux props-giving via likes and comments to build “rapport” with my audience, and relying on faulty, unreliable partnerships to build my business. And, like most Facebookpreneurs, I made sure everything looked smooth-sailing on the (perfectly manicured) outside, while, internally, I was practically seasick, constantly scrambling for clients all day, every day. 

Which, by definition, meant I was a liar, just with nice branding.

Alas, like our evil Richie Rich, I discovered the error of my ways—but only after a beer-battered, salty old pirate mentor like Ben Settle, eyepatch and wooden leg, almost made me walk the plank.

And by “threw me into the ocean,” I mean teaching me (even if by baptism-by-fire) his fish stench-free ways to clear entrepreneurial waters, as a captain my own ship—without having to rely on my twin life-preservers to save me. 

(He even has a plaque on his wall that says, “It’s a swell ship for the skipper, but a hell ship for the crew.”) 

If you’re struggling to right your business-ship, Captain Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday program may be the Dramamine you’re looking for. And, it’s available for a cool, salty $1,000 off—but, only until TONIGHT only. 

And, as an extra buoy-bonus, I am offering a 45-minute Typology consult on how to get your own 10-Minute Workday business off the dock, according to your personality type—which is exactly what I did for my business, using what ol’ Benbeard personally taught me.

Think of it as a map of your own personal tradeswinds—and since my 1:1 consulting starts at $1,000 per month (and will be climbing much, much higher soon), at a pretty good rate of gratis, too. 

All you need to do is use my link and forward me your receipt.

To sign up for the 10MWD program and book your consult, get your booty here: 

Alas, the ship has sailed on this sale. But, that doesn’t mean you’re shyt out of luck just yet:

To get first (or even advanced) notice of when Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday program goes on sale (for up to an astonishing $1,000 off), plus extra 1:1 coaching bonuses that are available hardly anywhere else, then you may want to get on my list.

To get on my ship’s manifest (and get an advanced captain’s call of when 10-Minute Workday goes on sale), then go here:

elBenbo’s white mirror dystopia

This past week, my INTJ has finally joined the rest of the binging Netflix universe and started watching the show, Black Mirror. 

(If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the best episodic dystopian nightmare you could ever want. It’s great.) 

While watching it, however, he’s insisted on skipping a particular episode that is arguably the best—and definitely the most famous—of the whole series. 

It’s won Emmys and BAFTAs for its tremendous acting, writing, and production, and not to mention the hearts of countless bloggers worldwide with its sad story. 

But, even with all that, he won’t watch it. In fact, he especially won’t watch it knowing that it won so many accolade—including my own raving, pulled-heartstring review, going so far as to say:

“If it made you cry, I’m not interested.”

The more popular something is, the more skeptical he is, and my tears only sealed that deal. 

But I keep holding out anyway. Especially since, according to him, even the most boring, feelsy chick flick can be made exciting with some bloodthirsty zombie or killer robot bees thrown in. 

(I suspect if a swarm of killer robot bees had been sent through time to kill the main characters of that Black Mirror episode, he’d have watched it several times over already…)

Until then, speaking of Black Mirror: 

It’s amazing how much the Internet marketing community has already devolved into Charlie Brooker’s grim, apocalyptic imaginings. But, where he writes as fiction, it has become all too real: 

– Caring more for likes and comments than sales
– Falling blindly for the next big software all-in-one—no matter how much data, man-hours, and funds it steals (and sells)
– Relying only on social media to build their businesses
– Using all the overcomplicated funnel tactics of upsells, downsells, sidesells, and tracking all the things including eyeball movements on a page.

Ben Settle, on the other hand, took the red pill of Internet marketing and hasn’t fallen for the Black Mirrorian utopia—in fact, elBenbo’s created his own white mirror world that’s simple, efficient, and effective.

Maybe it’s because he’s trained in 100-year old direct response methods.
Maybe it’s because he’s a technophobic recluse.
Maybe it’s because he’s Gen X. 

Either way, his ways are stable, scalable, and, most importantly, profitable. 

I can personally attest to this as, through his methods, I had the single biggest launch of my business to date—with no paid ads, webinars, funnels-on-funnels-on-funnels, or anything remotely technical. 

In fact, I think I made a total of ONE social media post the entire time—and still managed to convert almost 20% of my list. 

And, from now until this Wednesday, his 10-Minute Workday program, which describes exactly how to do this for your own business, is available for an almost absurd $1,000 off. (As it’s normally $2,500, that’s nothing to sniff at.) 

Plus, if you purchase through my link (I am an affiliate as my way to sing about his teachings from the rooftops), I will give you a free 45-minute Typology consult on how to create your 10-Minute Workday business, your way—to create your offer and plan in a way that matches your personality type best. 

(FYI: to work with me starts at $1,000 a month—and will soon be 5 times that after the next couple of weeks.)

All you need to do is use my link and forward me your receipt. 

To sign up for the 10MWD program and book your consult, use this link (and don’t forget to send me the receipt) here: 

This sale is long over—and the bonuses have since expired.

But, there is still hope…

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