This past week, my INTJ has finally joined the rest of the binging Netflix universe and started watching the show, Black Mirror. 

(If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the best episodic dystopian nightmare you could ever want. It’s great.) 

While watching it, however, he’s insisted on skipping a particular episode that is arguably the best—and definitely the most famous—of the whole series. 

It’s won Emmys and BAFTAs for its tremendous acting, writing, and production, and not to mention the hearts of countless bloggers worldwide with its sad story. 

But, even with all that, he won’t watch it. In fact, he especially won’t watch it knowing that it won so many accolade—including my own raving, pulled-heartstring review, going so far as to say:

“If it made you cry, I’m not interested.”

The more popular something is, the more skeptical he is, and my tears only sealed that deal. 

But I keep holding out anyway. Especially since, according to him, even the most boring, feelsy chick flick can be made exciting with some bloodthirsty zombie or killer robot bees thrown in. 

(I suspect if a swarm of killer robot bees had been sent through time to kill the main characters of that Black Mirror episode, he’d have watched it several times over already…)

Until then, speaking of Black Mirror: 

It’s amazing how much the Internet marketing community has already devolved into Charlie Brooker’s grim, apocalyptic imaginings. But, where he writes as fiction, it has become all too real: 

– Caring more for likes and comments than sales
– Falling blindly for the next big software all-in-one—no matter how much data, man-hours, and funds it steals (and sells)
– Relying only on social media to build their businesses
– Using all the overcomplicated funnel tactics of upsells, downsells, sidesells, and tracking all the things including eyeball movements on a page.

Ben Settle, on the other hand, took the red pill of Internet marketing and hasn’t fallen for the Black Mirrorian utopia—in fact, elBenbo’s created his own white mirror world that’s simple, efficient, and effective.

Maybe it’s because he’s trained in 100-year old direct response methods.
Maybe it’s because he’s a technophobic recluse.
Maybe it’s because he’s Gen X. 

Either way, his ways are stable, scalable, and, most importantly, profitable. 

I can personally attest to this as, through his methods, I had the single biggest launch of my business to date—with no paid ads, webinars, funnels-on-funnels-on-funnels, or anything remotely technical. 

In fact, I think I made a total of ONE social media post the entire time—and still managed to convert almost 20% of my list. 

And, from now until this Wednesday, his 10-Minute Workday program, which describes exactly how to do this for your own business, is available for an almost absurd $1,000 off. (As it’s normally $2,500, that’s nothing to sniff at.) 

Plus, if you purchase through my link (I am an affiliate as my way to sing about his teachings from the rooftops), I will give you a free 45-minute Typology consult on how to create your 10-Minute Workday business, your way—to create your offer and plan in a way that matches your personality type best. 

(FYI: to work with me starts at $1,000 a month—and will soon be 5 times that after the next couple of weeks.)

All you need to do is use my link and forward me your receipt. 

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This sale is long over—and the bonuses have since expired.

But, there is still hope…

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