A couple of months ago, someone anger-typed a very wordy, butthurt response to one of my (many) emails about Human Design being bullshite. 

The email was far too emotional even for me, but, to paraphrase, he basically said that, while I say I’m great at getting clients and “convincing them to buy,” me having a membership site indicated otherwise.

This reminded me of an experience while managing my mother’s luxury resale shop in Manhattan in my early twenties: 

A customer was interested in a Louis Vuitton bag we had on display. While taking it out of the window for her, I explained that Vuitton was one of the most sought-after brands we carried and, as such, hard to keep in stock.

She scoffed and snorted out, “Then why is this still here?”

I was only 22 at the time, so I put the bag back and politely suggested other boutiques she could visit (in hell). 

Now, 10 years later, I not only understand why someone would respond that way, but I actually like it. 

Thing is, there are certain personality types who not only miss the forest for the trees, but they’re busy counting the leaves on each ugly branch they hit on the way down. 

What that customer thought was a smart-ass or witty remark was missing the point: had she asked, I would have further explained that it was the last of the eighteen LV bags we sold that month.  

And, had that HD apologist asked what prompted me to create Biz Typology, I would have explained that I teach personality type-based marketing *because* it has helped me and my clients get more (and better) sales, clients, and customers. 

(Which, yes, can mean more monie when applied to your sales, copywriting, and marketing skills. But it also means easier and more efficient ways to run your business and daily life, improving your working and personal relationships, and also greater peace of mind.)

But the reason why I appreciate comments like this is that, once you recognize these types, their laser focus can be harnessed and used for good—and, yes, profit. 

I talk about this in not one but TWO videos in the new season of The HR Czar, available now in my membership site, Biz Typology.

This is especially helpful if you identify as an E or INTP/J—in one video, “Dial ‘N’ for Biz Murder,” I go over how the high-powered litigator I worked for did this with aplomb to scale his multi-million dollar firm stocked with only ride-or-die employees.

To know what I mean, here: