Last night, I watched the “Pez Dispenser” episode of Seinfeld. It was a great episode, but not for the obvious candy references.

In it, George was worried that his uppity girlfriend was about to break up with him. 

The end was inevitable. And he was pissed.

(After all, she demoted him from a dinner date to, “let’s get lunch.”)

It wasn’t so much that he’d miss her as much as he wanted to save face. (As he put it, he wanted, just for once in his life, to have the upper hand. She was dunking over his head so much, he had no hand to speak of.) 

So, Kramer gives him the idea to break up with her first. 

By preemptively breaking up with her,  he’d turn around his losing hand—by flipping the entire Monopoly board over. And it wasn’t like he had anything to lose anyway.

And, as reverse-psychology would have it, it worked. Or, as he said: not only did he have the upper hand for once, he had so much hand “it was coming out of his gloves.”

After threatening to break up, she was willing to do everything and anything to make him stay. 

(Of course, they broke up anyway, but that’s Constanza for you.) 

Anyway, here’s the point:

By understanding people’s hot buttons, you can basically make them do whatever you want. 

Whether it’s objections on a sales call or your own frigid relationship you want to defrost, you can turn it around—but, only if you know what they’re thinking (or feeling) first. 

Even if you have a crap set of properties and keep rolling bad dice, you can flip the Monopoly board to your own advantage.

Which, is one of the things I talk about in the latest season of The HR Czar—specifically in a short, 10-minute episode called “HR F-Ups,” where I talk about how I flipped the Monopoly board on a rather problematic Constanza-like colleague and got her to do whatever I wanted (for good, of course). 

With just one little change (so not even a full flip of the game board), I was able to coax someone who lived to make staff members’ lives hell into becoming my champion in the workplace. 

(This is especially helpful when dealing with reckless trolls online, unruly clients, or even if you sensing some pushback—or freeze-out—in your personal relationships.) 

This episode—and about 20 others—is immediately available to watch (and implement) in my membership site, Biz Typology. 

And—in flipping my own personal pool table—at the end of this weekend, I will be *removing* one of my highest value bonuses that’s currently available free to Biz Typology subscribers: a two-hour training on how to create your own continuity product (whether it be your own newsletter, membership site, or other kinds of recurring offers) using your own unique personality type. 

In this training, I pull the curtain completely back in how I created my membership site—from creation to execution, soup to nuts, including the backend tech parts—that worked for my specific personality type, and how to do the same for yours. 

(And, no, I’m not talking about a cut-and-paste swipe of my own business like some folks do—I mean how to create an offer that works for you, your way.)

But, this training will be disappearing from the membership site after this Sunday. 

Which means, not only do you have to join by Sunday, but you have to have consumed it by then, too. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it’s available as its own info product—for about $297 or so. 

(Talk about flipping shizz over.) 

To get immediate access to the HR Czar—and to the two-hour continuity training for free—go here before deadline Sunday:

Stefanie Arroyo