The other night, my INTJ and I were watching an old sea-adventure movie called “Captains Courageous.” Having been made over 80 years ago, it’s only *slightly* older than my INTJ but, like him, it has a lot of heart and business lessons (despite its/his crotchety old timey-ness). 

Here’s what I mean:  

In it, a shipping tycoon’s spoiled brat of a son—at only 10 years old—was constantly lying, cheating, and scheming his way to getting his way, at whatever cost. 

Whether it becoming an editor of the school newspaper, getting an A on his history exam, or, later, trying to get out of fish-head-cleaning duty on the fishing boat he ends up on, he (a true ENTJ, I might add) used bribery, trickery, and other such deceptions to get what he wanted, whenever he wanted, even if it meant people might get hurt, in deep water, or potentially fired.

(Not too different from the media today, but anyway.) 

At first glance, this seemed like a great high-seas, child-villainy movie. 

But, what was most notable part of the movie was that the “villain,” wasn’t really a villain at all—he was just a misguided kid stranded at sea without an outlet for his smarts.

Kind of like today’s marketers. 

They may act childish (often) and even resort to fishy double-dealing and duplicity in their marketing, but they’re not villains or even bad kids per se.

They, like our junior sea-faring Machiavelli, are just misguided. 

Admittedly, I very narrowly missed that duplicitous sandpit while copywriting in the coaching niche—using cheesy “sales ladder” posts to promote my services (not even my list), focusing on faux props-giving via likes and comments to build “rapport” with my audience, and relying on faulty, unreliable partnerships to build my business. And, like most Facebookpreneurs, I made sure everything looked smooth-sailing on the (perfectly manicured) outside, while, internally, I was practically seasick, constantly scrambling for clients all day, every day. 

Which, by definition, meant I was a liar, just with nice branding.

Alas, like our evil Richie Rich, I discovered the error of my ways—but only after a beer-battered, salty old pirate mentor like Ben Settle, eyepatch and wooden leg, almost made me walk the plank.

And by “threw me into the ocean,” I mean teaching me (even if by baptism-by-fire) his fish stench-free ways to clear entrepreneurial waters, as a captain my own ship—without having to rely on my twin life-preservers to save me. 

(He even has a plaque on his wall that says, “It’s a swell ship for the skipper, but a hell ship for the crew.”) 

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