During one of my INTJ’s favorite activities—sitting next to each other in silence while on our respective laptops—he turned to me and asked me some banal TV trivia question. 

(I think it had something to do with the show Black Mirror, his latest obsession.) 

But, before I could give him the answer, he followed it with: 

“It’s not because my Google is broken—it’s just faster to ask you.”


Actually, at first I was flattered—and, as an Extrovert, even posted about it on Facebook. I mean, who doesn’t want to be considered faster than Google? 

Then I later realized he wasn’t blowing smoke up my ace—he was being efficient.

Which is exactly how my INTJ does everything, including making monie, too. It has to be simple and efficient—or he can’t (or, in my case often, won’t) do it. 

Which is why, when he taught me his 10-Minute Workday method (that I used to launch Biz Typology and liberated me from having to do client work) it made sense to me:

It, like him, is efficient and simplistic, but fiendishly effective.

While I’m almost the complete opposite personality type from him, I was still able to implement it without much kerfuffle (despite my procrastinating nature—in fact, it was almost helped by it). 

Even when my business model that is entirely different than his, too. No print newsletters (or reclusion) needed.

And, speaking of being faster than Google: 

Until Wednesday, the 10-Minute Workday program is available through AWAI for a juicy $1,000 off. His program will walk you through everything he taught me (and then some) in how to build your own 10-minute workday business. 

And, if you join the program through my link by the deadline (and forward me the receipt), I will give you a 45-minute consult on how to create (or revamp or even resurrect) your 10-Minute Workday business that works for your personality type. 

(To work with me in any 1:1 capacity starts at $1,000 a month—and will be increasing in only a few weeks—so you’ll be effectively doubling your savings.) 

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Why Ben Settle turns his nose up on golden breasts

The other day, my INTJ and I were on line (or in line, if you’re going to be Midwestern about it) at the grocery store when I spotted something in the grocery haul of the person in front of me. 

A box of Gold’N Plump (chicken) breasts, “fried to moist, golden perfection, extra tender…raised on a farm.” 

Giggling, I saddled right up to my INTJ and flirtatiously poked him on the shoulder. Batting my eyelashes and pressing against him, I whispered in his ear with a smile: 

“That’s me.” 

To which he gruffly responded: 

“What, ‘Raised on a farm’?”

And then kept grouchily asking, “Why is that so funny?” as I wheezed with laughter all the way through the car ride home. 

It wasn’t until after we’d gotten out of the crowded grocery and tourist-season traffic that he understood what I meant. Which is understandable, as he was now free from Circles 4 and 5 of INTJ-hell and could now grumble and glower from the comfort of his own home instead of out in public. 

Speaking of INTJ-hell:

And, a lot of other people’s hells, including my own (working for other people and on someone else’s schedule): Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday course on how to escape the 9-5 Inferno is now available at an almost absurd discount of $1,000. 

In his program, he goes into grave, sickening detail of how he was able to singlehandedly build a 10-minute workday email business, to live client-free (and, in his case, largely people-free) for the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes of his day. 

I can personally attest to this—not only when seeing his laptop close at 9:10 am on the dot, but also in implementing his 10MWD teachings in my own business to build and successfully launch my membership site, Biz Typology. 

This course is available year-round but is only available at nearly 50% off for the next few days. 

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Ben Settle’s 10-minute whiskey workday

While making my INTJ’s favorite drink the other night, he commented on needing to order more of his whiskey glasses. 

See, he has special ones. They’re probably made out of some kind of kryptonite, but they also have a “B” engraved on them. 

He looked at his glass and pondering his drink (like a villain would), he said the following: 

“You know, I could order some with S’s on them.”

But, before I can swoon over upgrading from finally-leaving-my-toothbrush to getting-my-own-glassware, he continued with: 

“…and, if we break up, my last name starts with S anyway.”

Thing is, I don’t need a Cosmopolitan quiz to tell me what he meant—by being a Thinking type, he’s logically seeing the binary of our relationship through to the end. 

(Not too different than when Dr. Strange can see the possibilities of all outcomes all at once—even if it’s the “end game.”) 

More importantly, the whole reason why special kryptonian glasses with my name (or his) on them are headed our way…and I’m able to email about it like it’s my job (because it is)…is because of his 10-minute workday. 

For the next couple of days, Ben Settle’s 10-Minute Workday program is going on super-duper sale (a whole $1,000 buckaroos off)—but only for a couple of days.

His email and business-building methods is the direct cause and catalyst of the most successful launch of my career thus far. It is the whole reason I was able to leave the client-to-client, feast-to-famine merry-go-round in favor the hours (and deadlines) of my choosing with my own signature program, Biz Typology, with a full roster of consulting clients.

And, as a proud affiliate, and in testimony of, his nefarious time-saving ways, I’m offering a super-duper bonus to go along with the 10MWD sale: by purchasing through my link this week, I am offering free 45-minute consult on creating your (new or maybe improved) 10-minute workday business according to your personality type. 

Or, as I prefer, getting your own glassware engraved with your own unique (personality) initials. 

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Men’s Most Wanted

For the past 17 years and counting, my INTJ mom has owned and run a designer consignment boutique in Manhattan—it’s where I first cut my teeth in business as a surly teenager and, that many years later, has been one of my biggest influences.

(That and a certain Email Player, of course.) 

Even though English isn’t her first language, she has some of the deepest knowledge of polarization, infotainment, and repulsion marketing I’ve ever seen. 

Here’s how:

In her expansion to add menswear, she posted the following flyer on her window:


Now taking high-end luxury menswear—inquire within.

When I first saw the headline, I started laughing. But, for the aging ladies-who-lunch and their equally annoying daughters-who-brunch in the tony, uptight neighborhood, it’s not so funny. 

“Margoth, that’s HIGHLY inappropriate.”

“Is that… a personal ad?”

“Why did you make that? You’re giving the wrong impression!”

She even witnessed (and subsequently cast out) two old biddies discussing how “desperate” my mom must be, especially being a divorcee and all, well within earshot in the store.

And that’s not counting the men who’ve come in hoping to be my new stepdad (but obviously failing the reading comprehension portion of the entrance exam).

But, despite all that, she’s gotten more eyes on her store (and foot traffic into it) than ever before—even in these notoriously slow summer months. And, a good chuckle out of those who end up consigning the high-value merchandise and, more importantly, those buying them. 

And she did it by outright smashing the hottest of buttons—dating and other indoor sports—in a way that would get women clutching their pearls and men coming in to sell AND buy. 

Now, I’ll freely admit (with some awe) that this kind of marketing comes naturally to her. 

But, even if it doesn’t, it’s not exactly hard.

It comes from understanding your market—what they want, what pay attention to, and what makes them tick (or ticks them off).

One of the ways to grab an audience’s wrist and feel for their pulse is through personality typing. Specifically, in understanding how an emotional market’s thought (or feelings) process works, both good and bad.

Something I teach in the bonus Biz Typology Masterclass, Season 1 is Biz Typology, The Series, as well as in the upcoming season called Typeholes, where I go over the “shadow side” of each personality type—or, what most typing test results don’t tell you. 

For more (mens optional), go here:


Why I need a hard steel rod in my hands every morning

In my quest to defy both gravity, the Wall, and the time-space continuum of aging, I’ve started a new raw, dirty, and very sweaty habit:


At 7am every morning (or 7pm at night depending on what coast I’m on), I drag myself to a janky, dirt-ass gym filled with roidy, grunty men who are so “swole” that they can’t put their arms down. And, in this MRSA-fest of a weight room, I pick up heavy things and put them down in rapid succession until I want to cry or die (and sometimes both). I’ve been doing this often enough that I’m constantly sore in weird places  and I am even starting to like protein shakes.

But one thing that keeps coming up that’s nearly impossible to ignore, no matter how much I grunt and slam things: 

Iron does not lie to you. 

(And, before some trigger-happy human YouTube comment replies: no, I did not invent this and, yes, it’s from Henry Rollins.) 

It will show you things you don’t want to see, without any sugarcoating. If you’re weak, you’ll know. If you’re trying too hard too fast, you’ll know that too.

In my case: I suck at finishing stuff.

And that includes reps, supersets, dropsets, all the sets—and sometimes my entire workout. 

But, since summer is coming (or, technically, is already here), I gotta git-er-done. (After all, these bikinis aren’t going to wear themselves.) 

Which is why, using Biz Typology, I was able to essentially “jailbreak” my own brains in how to actually get shizz done—including workouts I don’t want to do in places I don’t want to be in. 

In fact, I can safely say that I’m now on week 9 of 12 of my workout program—and have missed only ONE workout this whole time. I also eat better, sleep better…and have now become one of those weird people who wake up before it’s light out in order to do it. 

And, it helps that I’m also down 13.5 lbs so far, and have lost 14” all around (the right places, of course). 

Now that I’ve gotten this whole “consistency” thing down pat, it’s leaking into other areas of my life—like my emails and my business(es). Funny how that works.

 I will be livestreaming about this later today (after my much-needed shower, of course) in the Biz Typology Facebook community about exactly how I’ve done this, and how, depending on your personality type, to apply to other areas of life where you want to get a good lift in. 

To instant presto-chango access to the livestream (and the replay), for less than your gym membership and even less pain, go here:


How I almost died yesterday

Two nights ago, my INTJ, his family, and I decided to have a night out—dinner and then an impromptu visit to our favorite wine tasting room.
(Which is entirely normal for a Wednesday night when your person is just as retirement-minded as his actually-retired parents.)

Everything was fine and dandy (with a few extra dandies in the form of glasses of cab sav)… until we got home. 

In less than 5 minutes, I went from tipsy in a cocktail dress to praying to the porcelain gods. And, overnight, I went from a Spiderman-esque “I don’t feel so good” to wishing I was dead to thinking, well, maybe this actually IS death and Nicole “Grim Reaper” English soon will be here, ready to collect.

As I mentioned in my last email, I’ve been taking much better care of myself in terms of diet, exercise, and finally wearing sunscreen. What I didn’t know was, in my quest to age backwards, I’ve shrunk my formerly-herculean alcohol tolerance (thanks, law school) to almost zero.

A fact that I had no idea was happening until it was much too late, and I already tasting my dinner again (albeit on my knees and amid tears).

It was humbling, humiliating, hellacious, and every other h-word when I realized that 1-parts of my lifestyle are now inherently incompatible and 2-there’s still MUCH more I need to change to stay healthy and happy (or die). 

A life-changing bottom that was just as stomach-turning two years ago when 1-I got my eviction notice in the mail and 2-it was from my own uncle, which means my business situation (or rather, lack thereof) was completely untenable and needed to change (or be homeless).

Worst still, both bottoms were reached because of actions entirely of my own making (drinking too much and, in terms of floundering sales, talking too much).

But, thankfully I was able to recover both times—I still have my apartment and, today, I can finally walk and digest food normally. 

But it wasn’t until I got to the crux of the problem—my failure to understand my new physiology and the true personalities of prospects and leads—AND the solution. 

I’m still working on the former (to go dry or not to go dry?) but, I can tell you how to improve your copy, marketing, and sales, which I specifically go over in Season 1 of Biz Typology and the bonus 2-hour Masterclass, in a way that your leads feel understood (and most importantly, ready to buy). 

For more (without no chaser), go here: 


Why my boss almost shot me

Back when I was a young, nubile legal assistant, I used to work for a rather particular, peculiar attorney. 

Even though he was a young hot-shot, he was a curmudgeon with as much social presence of the Grinch and the quirky habits to boot. 

For instance:

He had a strict “closed door” policy so that no one would interrupt his work, ever (which I later found out, mainly involved napping). No one was allowed to enter without seeing me first and, depending on the day and his mood, he might be in the office, or he might not be. 

(It all depended on what he’d bark at me when marching past my desk, head down, before slamming the door for the day.)

He would even go so far as to sneak into the senior partners’ offices while they were away on business in order to continue his “work” on their vastly more comfortable couches, leaving me explicit instructions to buzz him on the intercom with a code phrase to let him know if anyone (i.e., anyone of importance) was looking for him. 
So, to say he was an introvert would be quite the understatement. 

(An argument could be made that he was the precursor to another slacker, Grinch-like INTJ, but that’s for another email.)

One day, we got an important letter in the mail: a critical decision for an appeal he had made that, at the time, was a very big deal. 

Not only did we get it earlier than expected, but we won the decision. 

This appeal had taken months to draft (and years off my life to research) so I was beside myself with excitement.

So excited, I ran straight into his office, barging right in (closed door be damned) while waving the letter in my hand. 


“For feck’s sake, Stefanie, if I had my gun on me, I would have SHOT you!”

Turns out I had interrupted his “work” and startled him so badly that, had he been armed, I would have been a dead woman.

Which is no different than how, years later when I began freelancing and consulting, I’d barge in on introverts on sales calls, literally talking my way out of sales. 

Except, instead of a nearly dead me, I would have a very dead lead on my hands.

It wasn’t until I realized the dissimilarities between introverts and extroverts… and the critical differences in how they want to be talked to, health with, and even sold to… did I make headway in either the legal field or in the marketing industry. 

Differences that I go over both Season 1 and the newly-released Season 2 of Biz Typology, where I show you how to make out like a bandit when it comes to making sales with ease, even if you’re dealing with the Grinchiest of them all. 

And, if you’re an introvert, I also show you how to generate leads and sales, and even build your list, without exhausting yourself with barging-in loud-mouths like me and other Extroverts. 

For more, without bullets, go here: 


Marketing secrets of an Intermittent jerk

Lately, as most women do when still on the “young and pretty” side of the Wall, I’ve started taking better care of my health. 

One of the ways I’ve been doing that is Intermittent Fasting. Basically, I stop eating at a certain time (usually 6pm) and don’t eat again until later the next day, ideally after 16 hours or so. 

(Which incidentally is how I stayed fighting fit while in law—except then, I was just too busy to eat.) 

Like with all things new and shiny, I wanted to know everything there is to know about Intermittent Fasting, joining all the online communities, and reading all I can about the magical and transformative properties of IF.  And, since I was now a dedicated faster, I also bought the necessary app to keep track of my progress. 

Naturally, I wanted to share all this new! exciting! information about intermittent fasting with my INTJ: 

“Do you want to see my app? I just got one that tracks when you started fasting and when it’s safe to stop.”

“I already have one—it’s called a clock.”

See, he already had been intermittent fasting off and on for over ten years. 

And, in those ten years, didn’t see any need to complicate it any more than need be: you eat until a certain time, and then you stop. Rinse, repeat. 

(Which is no different than his plain-text philosophy for email and marketing in general.)

But, being my personality type, I thought I needed the ClickFunnels of IF to succeed. 

Truth is, I don’t. 

And the same goes for all the bells and whistles of “market research” like complicated, redundant surveys, “human performance hacking” like Fascinate or “self-mastery” like (ugh) Human Design. 

All you need is a few questions, that so happened to be backed by nearly 100-year old science, and a little bit of patience. 

And, maybe a subscription to Biz Typology. 

For more (no app needed), go here: 


My INTJ’s missing kidney

The other day, I came across a story about a certain popular pop singer who received the ultimate gift from her best friend—a new, and much-needed, kidney.

(Which, contrary to much of social media this week, I think is way more impressive than Meghan Markle’s friend indirectly making her a Duchess.) 

After reading this, I turned to my INTJ, looked him dead in the eye, and asked nicely: 

“Would you give me a kidney if I needed it?”

And, before I could add “pretty please,” he rather firmly answered: 

“No. I need a backup kidney.”

So it is. 

And, more importantly, I know *why* it is—he’s simply being strategic and efficient as always, including with his filtration organs. 

(That is, if he doesn’t wake up in a tub of ice first.) 

In the meantime, to learn more about who is likely to give you an organ (or if you should drink more water), and how to use this knowledge to make more money, get better clients, and have more harmonious relationships, go here: 


How a titty troll augmented my love of email

Sometime last week, a real pair of ‘em nipped out on me  in a Facebook group, by saying the following:

“I’m using this as an example and this woman probably isn’t a feminist but, if they’re so hell-bent on feminism, why do the same women use their bodies to attract others?”

And, as if his point wasn’t plump-as-a-pigeon enough, he included my Facebook group photo, questioning the validity of my business “assets” on display.

Little did he know, I saw the slip of his mosquito bite-sized comments. Which, of course, were no match for mine, which spilled out of the bra of my mind, nor did he stand a chance against the pairs of Biz Typology members there to see his malfunction, too. 

And, like a real tit, he tried to cover his flat-chested argument—first saying it was a booby trap, then that I should thank him for the exposure by letting him have a peek at the goods, for free. 

But this ain’t Biz Titology. Nothing’s synthetic here.

Which is why I’ll be real (and spectacular) when I admit that I’ve let many perky expectations sag by not emailing.

I could say I got stuck in the cleavage between client work and other business ventures.

But that would just be cosmetic tissue-like filler.

Instead, I let my double D-sized brain get the best of me, distracting me with ample cups of busywork, and letting my eyes wander south of my marketing neckline.

Thankfully, my new bosom buddy snapped my attention right back to where it belonged. 

Since then, I’ve been reining in my P-brain before it bursts out again.

(Even more reason why understanding personality typing isn’t a one-time pump job, it requires continuous groping and stiff attention—even if you think you’re filled out enough.)

And so I’ll be plumping up your inbox daily once again. 

Just in time, as I’ve recently pushed up a whole new handful of videos about the full cc’s of business (content creation), on top of the already enormous set of Bullpen Broadcasts available in our private Facebook community. 

(Yes, with the very photo that started tit all.) 

For bigger and better content, sales, and other pert things, go here: 


Stefanie Arroyo

P.S. Because of whole other set of abbreviations, I’ve recently updated my Terms and Privacy Policy, ripe and ready for your viewing pleasure on my site. And, of course: if my daily funbags of email are too large for you(and you’re a “less-is-more” kinda guy), you’re more than welcome to unsubscribe.