Back when I was a young, nubile legal assistant, I used to work for a rather particular, peculiar attorney. 

Even though he was a young hot-shot, he was a curmudgeon with as much social presence of the Grinch and the quirky habits to boot. 

For instance:

He had a strict “closed door” policy so that no one would interrupt his work, ever (which I later found out, mainly involved napping). No one was allowed to enter without seeing me first and, depending on the day and his mood, he might be in the office, or he might not be. 

(It all depended on what he’d bark at me when marching past my desk, head down, before slamming the door for the day.)

He would even go so far as to sneak into the senior partners’ offices while they were away on business in order to continue his “work” on their vastly more comfortable couches, leaving me explicit instructions to buzz him on the intercom with a code phrase to let him know if anyone (i.e., anyone of importance) was looking for him. 
So, to say he was an introvert would be quite the understatement. 

(An argument could be made that he was the precursor to another slacker, Grinch-like INTJ, but that’s for another email.)

One day, we got an important letter in the mail: a critical decision for an appeal he had made that, at the time, was a very big deal. 

Not only did we get it earlier than expected, but we won the decision. 

This appeal had taken months to draft (and years off my life to research) so I was beside myself with excitement.

So excited, I ran straight into his office, barging right in (closed door be damned) while waving the letter in my hand. 


“For feck’s sake, Stefanie, if I had my gun on me, I would have SHOT you!”

Turns out I had interrupted his “work” and startled him so badly that, had he been armed, I would have been a dead woman.

Which is no different than how, years later when I began freelancing and consulting, I’d barge in on introverts on sales calls, literally talking my way out of sales. 

Except, instead of a nearly dead me, I would have a very dead lead on my hands.

It wasn’t until I realized the dissimilarities between introverts and extroverts… and the critical differences in how they want to be talked to, health with, and even sold to… did I make headway in either the legal field or in the marketing industry. 

Differences that I go over both Season 1 and the newly-released Season 2 of Biz Typology, where I show you how to make out like a bandit when it comes to making sales with ease, even if you’re dealing with the Grinchiest of them all. 

And, if you’re an introvert, I also show you how to generate leads and sales, and even build your list, without exhausting yourself with barging-in loud-mouths like me and other Extroverts. 

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