In my quest to defy both gravity, the Wall, and the time-space continuum of aging, I’ve started a new raw, dirty, and very sweaty habit:


At 7am every morning (or 7pm at night depending on what coast I’m on), I drag myself to a janky, dirt-ass gym filled with roidy, grunty men who are so “swole” that they can’t put their arms down. And, in this MRSA-fest of a weight room, I pick up heavy things and put them down in rapid succession until I want to cry or die (and sometimes both). I’ve been doing this often enough that I’m constantly sore in weird places  and I am even starting to like protein shakes.

But one thing that keeps coming up that’s nearly impossible to ignore, no matter how much I grunt and slam things: 

Iron does not lie to you. 

(And, before some trigger-happy human YouTube comment replies: no, I did not invent this and, yes, it’s from Henry Rollins.) 

It will show you things you don’t want to see, without any sugarcoating. If you’re weak, you’ll know. If you’re trying too hard too fast, you’ll know that too.

In my case: I suck at finishing stuff.

And that includes reps, supersets, dropsets, all the sets—and sometimes my entire workout. 

But, since summer is coming (or, technically, is already here), I gotta git-er-done. (After all, these bikinis aren’t going to wear themselves.) 

Which is why, using Biz Typology, I was able to essentially “jailbreak” my own brains in how to actually get shizz done—including workouts I don’t want to do in places I don’t want to be in. 

In fact, I can safely say that I’m now on week 9 of 12 of my workout program—and have missed only ONE workout this whole time. I also eat better, sleep better…and have now become one of those weird people who wake up before it’s light out in order to do it. 

And, it helps that I’m also down 13.5 lbs so far, and have lost 14” all around (the right places, of course). 

Now that I’ve gotten this whole “consistency” thing down pat, it’s leaking into other areas of my life—like my emails and my business(es). Funny how that works.

 I will be livestreaming about this later today (after my much-needed shower, of course) in the Biz Typology Facebook community about exactly how I’ve done this, and how, depending on your personality type, to apply to other areas of life where you want to get a good lift in. 

To instant presto-chango access to the livestream (and the replay), for less than your gym membership and even less pain, go here: