The other day, my INTJ and I were on line (or in line, if you’re going to be Midwestern about it) at the grocery store when I spotted something in the grocery haul of the person in front of me. 

A box of Gold’N Plump (chicken) breasts, “fried to moist, golden perfection, extra tender…raised on a farm.” 

Giggling, I saddled right up to my INTJ and flirtatiously poked him on the shoulder. Batting my eyelashes and pressing against him, I whispered in his ear with a smile: 

“That’s me.” 

To which he gruffly responded: 

“What, ‘Raised on a farm’?”

And then kept grouchily asking, “Why is that so funny?” as I wheezed with laughter all the way through the car ride home. 

It wasn’t until after we’d gotten out of the crowded grocery and tourist-season traffic that he understood what I meant. Which is understandable, as he was now free from Circles 4 and 5 of INTJ-hell and could now grumble and glower from the comfort of his own home instead of out in public. 

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