While making my INTJ’s favorite drink the other night, he commented on needing to order more of his whiskey glasses. 

See, he has special ones. They’re probably made out of some kind of kryptonite, but they also have a “B” engraved on them. 

He looked at his glass and pondering his drink (like a villain would), he said the following: 

“You know, I could order some with S’s on them.”

But, before I can swoon over upgrading from finally-leaving-my-toothbrush to getting-my-own-glassware, he continued with: 

“…and, if we break up, my last name starts with S anyway.”

Thing is, I don’t need a Cosmopolitan quiz to tell me what he meant—by being a Thinking type, he’s logically seeing the binary of our relationship through to the end. 

(Not too different than when Dr. Strange can see the possibilities of all outcomes all at once—even if it’s the “end game.”) 

More importantly, the whole reason why special kryptonian glasses with my name (or his) on them are headed our way…and I’m able to email about it like it’s my job (because it is)…is because of his 10-minute workday. 

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Or, as I prefer, getting your own glassware engraved with your own unique (personality) initials. 

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