Two nights ago, my INTJ, his family, and I decided to have a night out—dinner and then an impromptu visit to our favorite wine tasting room.
(Which is entirely normal for a Wednesday night when your person is just as retirement-minded as his actually-retired parents.)

Everything was fine and dandy (with a few extra dandies in the form of glasses of cab sav)… until we got home. 

In less than 5 minutes, I went from tipsy in a cocktail dress to praying to the porcelain gods. And, overnight, I went from a Spiderman-esque “I don’t feel so good” to wishing I was dead to thinking, well, maybe this actually IS death and Nicole “Grim Reaper” English soon will be here, ready to collect.

As I mentioned in my last email, I’ve been taking much better care of myself in terms of diet, exercise, and finally wearing sunscreen. What I didn’t know was, in my quest to age backwards, I’ve shrunk my formerly-herculean alcohol tolerance (thanks, law school) to almost zero.

A fact that I had no idea was happening until it was much too late, and I already tasting my dinner again (albeit on my knees and amid tears).

It was humbling, humiliating, hellacious, and every other h-word when I realized that 1-parts of my lifestyle are now inherently incompatible and 2-there’s still MUCH more I need to change to stay healthy and happy (or die). 

A life-changing bottom that was just as stomach-turning two years ago when 1-I got my eviction notice in the mail and 2-it was from my own uncle, which means my business situation (or rather, lack thereof) was completely untenable and needed to change (or be homeless).

Worst still, both bottoms were reached because of actions entirely of my own making (drinking too much and, in terms of floundering sales, talking too much).

But, thankfully I was able to recover both times—I still have my apartment and, today, I can finally walk and digest food normally. 

But it wasn’t until I got to the crux of the problem—my failure to understand my new physiology and the true personalities of prospects and leads—AND the solution. 

I’m still working on the former (to go dry or not to go dry?) but, I can tell you how to improve your copy, marketing, and sales, which I specifically go over in Season 1 of Biz Typology and the bonus 2-hour Masterclass, in a way that your leads feel understood (and most importantly, ready to buy). 

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