During one of my INTJ’s favorite activities—sitting next to each other in silence while on our respective laptops—he turned to me and asked me some banal TV trivia question. 

(I think it had something to do with the show Black Mirror, his latest obsession.) 

But, before I could give him the answer, he followed it with: 

“It’s not because my Google is broken—it’s just faster to ask you.”


Actually, at first I was flattered—and, as an Extrovert, even posted about it on Facebook. I mean, who doesn’t want to be considered faster than Google? 

Then I later realized he wasn’t blowing smoke up my ace—he was being efficient.

Which is exactly how my INTJ does everything, including making monie, too. It has to be simple and efficient—or he can’t (or, in my case often, won’t) do it. 

Which is why, when he taught me his 10-Minute Workday method (that I used to launch Biz Typology and liberated me from having to do client work) it made sense to me:

It, like him, is efficient and simplistic, but fiendishly effective.

While I’m almost the complete opposite personality type from him, I was still able to implement it without much kerfuffle (despite my procrastinating nature—in fact, it was almost helped by it). 

Even when my business model that is entirely different than his, too. No print newsletters (or reclusion) needed.

And, speaking of being faster than Google: 

Until Wednesday, the 10-Minute Workday program is available through AWAI for a juicy $1,000 off. His program will walk you through everything he taught me (and then some) in how to build your own 10-minute workday business. 

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