Earlier this summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere), I was hired by an Introverted business coach who specializes in helping other Introverts (or I’s) get their feet wet in business while avoiding live-streaming 24/7, constant client calls and freebie webinars, or otherwise talking too much. 

And, even as she’s an I herself, here’s what she said about it: 

Working with Stefanie was exactly what I needed. Not only did she help me write a full sales page for my membership offer, but she also explained her thought process as we crafted the letter together. Now, I find writing sales copy to be much easier and fun as I think back to our conversations.
I appreciate how she showed me how to write bullets that tease instead of tell. 

A few weeks after that coaching session, I launched a limited group coaching offer, writing my own bullets and the offer quickly sold out. When I asked one client why she bought, she mentioned that she wanted to learn how to get her own clients rushing to pay the same way I compelled her to buy.

My sessions with Stefanie were invaluable and have already paid for themselves many times over. I’m so glad I made the decision to work with her.

If you want to learn how to do the same—and don’t want to have to pay my sky-high coaching fees—the gateway drug is Biz Typology, where you can learn via video training how to use personality typing in your sales, marketing, and copywriting to get more (and better) clients and sales, much like she did. 

To enter the dark side (and everything that goes along with it), go here: 


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