Over the past 24 hours, I’ve been called a racist, a white supremacist, an MLM scam artist, a Nazi, a spammer, all-around terrible person, a scumbag, a 9/11 apologist, a “garbage human,” and several other colorful things… hundreds of times. 

(And that’s not Latina-drama numbers, that’s what Twitter analytics has told me—and that’s not counting subtweeted screenshots and deleted tweets.) 

And, in the midst of this shytflinging in my Twitter mentions, I was able to get 3 new Biz Typology members, 2 new consulting clients—and increase my list by 10%.

How did I do this, you ask? 

Well, here’s what happened:

Talib Kweli, a rapper who was popular about 20 years ago, got offended when I noted by tweet that, in my disastrous foray in the NYC dating scene, most of my bad OkCupid dates were 1- fans of his and 2- white. 

Thing is: Talib doesn’t particularly like white people. 

In fact, he was openly complaining about white people when I mentioned this fact—which, it turns out, he didn’t like being reminded of. 

So, naturally, he called me a white supremacist and a racist—multiple times.

Then, like good little trolls, his (primarily male, primarily white) fanbase took upon themselves to “investigate,” where it was “discovered” (in plain sight) that I, and a few other people who were roped into this racist rodeo, have online businesses. 

According to them, I am: 

– A part of an MLM scheme

– Specifically, a *Nazi* MLM scheme

– Even more specifically: a Nazi MLM scheme that pays by clicks. 

Not leads, or even customers or buyers—just literal clicks. 

(Their evidence for this? A Facebook ads webinar that describes an ad being “10 cents per click.”)

According to their “findings,” Ben Settle is my upline—the Grand Dragon of the whole click-collecting scam—and, as a group, we were purposefully kicking the POC beehive while cackling and rubbing our claws like Smaug and gobbling up these shiny click-coins.

And, with their troll-like, bulbous eyes glittering over their new-found treasure, they went to town—tweeting and subtweeting me left and right about my slimy, scummy MLM business, my terrible taste and broken moral compass, being a “garbage human,” and being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, white racist.

Because, according to them, I’m also laughably, horribly white.

(Which, if you didn’t know by now, I’m not.) 

But, of course, as a good little MLMer, I learned from my wizard upline Ben Settle’s teachings. Specifically: 

If you’re going to be painted a villain, you might as well play the part well. 

Now, much to Talib’s chagrin, I didn’t burn a cross on Ben’s yard. But, if I am going to be “trolling for clicks,” I made sure that they had the right URL. 

And, I made a point to “type” my Talib-trolls—and not engage with them the way they were hoping I would (mud-slinging and shyt-flinging), but instead to openly mock them. 

(Which, as you can imagine, was very easy to do, considering how little they knew about marketing, business, or even what real racism looks like—which is an awful lot like a group of angry white men attacking a brown woman online.) 

But, most importantly: 

By knowing their types (and thus their Twitter-genda) I knew when to engage and throw a little meat in (and how)… and when to let them starve.

Granted, there are some who are much better at this than I am—any conservative commentator worth their salt has already honed the villainous skill of using their troll-piranhas for good and profit—but, understanding typology made that much easier to take their vitriol and alchemize it into those magical click-coins in the form of new subscribers, paying members, and high-ticket clients.

To learn how to use the energy of others (whether it be problematic clients, wishy-washy leads, or your own angry Twitter villagers with pitchforks) to fuel and fund your business, go here: 


Stefanie Arroyo