The three-dollar ho of lead gen

Yesterday, a phone case company contacted me with a pitch to give them a shoutout on my Instagram page in exchange for a free iPhone case.

Now, I’m not an Instagram influencer by any stretch of the imagination: I have a little less than 1,200 followers, most of whom who know me personally or from elsewhere on social media. But even if that weren’t the case, it is still my brand and business—which they were essentially trying to buy with a free iPhone case likely made in China for pennies on the dollar. 

I know for some, this would raise a(n appropriately) red flag. But for others, this wouldn’t bother them one bit. In fact, some would jump at the chance—“ooh, free merchandise!”—without giving it a second thought. 

Which, to me, seems like they’re treating business more like it’s Chuck E. Cheese: 

Spending money/time/energy for worthless Internet tickets, redeemable only for some bullshite dollar-store prizes.

That’s worse than being a three-dollar ho—because, in sx work, at least you get paid.  

Which is why, when it comes to MY list, I am very careful with what I sell. 

In other words, for every “influencer” are soliciting over at the parking lot of the Bunny Hop, I’m very expensive—too expensive for even the five-star hotel bar:

I sell my own products 99.5% of the time, with the leftover .5% reserved ONLY for products and methodology I have personally used, from people I personally know, vetted, and trust. And, yes, who would pay me in return—in actual dollars and cents, not stuff. 

(Tl;dr: This means Ben Settle, who is literally working the book on it, is the only one I’ll do any kind of affiliate marketing for, for a long while.) 

So on to the good stuff (that’s tested, trusted, and, more importantly, mine):

In only a few days, Season One of my newest series, The HR Czar, will be released in my private membership site, Biz Typology. In these short-bite, less-than-15-minute videos, you will learn: 

– Why your prospects are NOT chomping at the bit to work with you when they obviously need you (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with your offer OR your pricing—the one simple trick to fix it is in Episode 3, which will also help you get any miscreant assistant or freelancer back in line) 
– How a freelancer or assistant (or even a client) WANTS you to fire them—and no, it’s not about letting them down gently, no matter what the mushcookie life coaches tell you. (Episode 4) 
–  Why “open-door policies” with any freelancers, virtual assistants, or even coaches you hire to help you can actually kill your business (Episode 1) 
– Why money  can NOT attracted to speed (and what to do when you find yourself hemorrhaging both money and time trying to keep up—more in Episode 2) 
– And even more, in episodes 5 (“Communication F-ups”) and 6 (“How to Put Your VA’s P-ness Away”) 

To find out more, no ho’ing needed, go here:

Burning Human Design at the stake

In the not-so-distant past, the following post came up on my newsfeed:

“Myers Briggs is cool and all, but Human Design is really where it’s at.”

(Followed by the necessary hashtags “#JustSayin” and “#FeckNormal” according to the Female Facebookpreneur Coach Rule No. 838283738292.) 

If you don’t know what Human Design is, I’ll save you the trouble: 

Per their website, Human Design  is “a map of your unique genetic design” that came into being by a “messenger” named Ra Uru Hu, who had a “mystical encounter with the Voice” during which the entirety of Human Design System was energetically downloaded to him over (the very biblical-sounding) eight days and nights. 

Or, what I later found out (and the story vastly prefer):

A man named Alan Krakower, from the mystical land of Canada, took thinly pummeled astrology, dusted it in i-Ching, and garnished it with chakral energy “science.” Then, after several years of obscurity in the 80s, presto-chango!, changed his name to more ethnic-sounding vowels and revealed his “awakening” to the masses.

In other words: what is being currently sold as the newest, mystical hot shite is really just 30-year-old cold, made-up diarrhea.

But, if you went by the comments—and most of spiritual gouroux Fakebook nowadays—HD is the second coming of Christ-on-a-stick.

Of course, forever the investigator, I made myself the guinea pig and looked up my own Human Design through the online quiz provided.

The questions asked? My birthdate, birth time, and birth place. 

Basically, no different than what an astrologer would.

And, what I got? A “report” resembling a convoluted subway map that oh-so-happens to require interpretation by a certified Human Design expert. 

This—your birth details transposed over your “energetic centers’— is what is being argued (genuinely and ferociously) to be the REAL foundation of marketing and business decisions, as well as working  and romantic relationships. 

Not science (or even “science”). 
Not human psychology and its effects on personality. 
And definitely not the complex nature of interpersonal dynamics as matured through experience and time. 

Nope. Just your birthday. 

Alas, that’s not what I teach. 

In fact, what I teach is SO unsmexy, it’s no longer “where it’s at” according to this spiritual witchpreneur, and should summarily be burned at the stake.

Instead of  astral planes and planetary positions, what I teach (how to use your personality type, and the types of others, to your benevolent advantage) can be found out in just four relatively banal (but easy to remember) questions that have nothing to do with your next birthday party.

But, where Human Design is (literally) made up of glittery mysticism, Biz Typology is based on (real, boring, hard) science. 100-year old psychological findings that in fact happen to be the Mac Daddy of the whole “typing of your real self” that all the above tools supposedly help you solve.  

Which is I understand how otherwise smart people would gravitate towards things like Human Design or even slightly more intelligible “tools” like Enneagram, Fascinate, Big 5, and so on (and on and on)—in comparison to the seductive lacy lingerie that is pseudo-science, Biz Typology is the white, cotton granny-panty science.

But, at least it’s science. 

To learn more about what these un-smexy, unbuttered potato questions are…the (real) science behind typology… and how to use it in your marketing, sales, and your day-to-day lives (no birthday needed), go here:

Why I threw James Altucher in the trash

While getting to inbox zero sometime yesterday, I stumbled upon yet another James Altucher email that went unread. 

And it wasn’t until I searched his name in my inbox did I realize I had dozens and dozens of unread JA emails… then hit “select all” and sent them right into the trash. 

Thing is, even though he went unread for this long, I stubbornly stayed on his list. 


Because I was told for years and years that he was the “go-to” gouroux for all things creative and other whoopdeedoo. And that any one “serious about marketing” should devour his work, licking their bowl clean, and ask for more. 

But, fact of the matter is: I’m just not that into him. Which, as I came to realize today during my toxic inbox cleanup, was entirely okay. 

And yet, for months previous, I devoted that much digital real estate to his (unread, “I’ll get to it later”) emails, plugged my nose to force down his blog posts (that I didn’t jive with but “maybe at some point”), and then some. All because some human soundbites told me I should. 

Much like how many Internet people suggest that certain launch strategies are like the panacea to sales. 

Or that particular social media platforms are “must haves” for top-of-mind visibility. 

Or whatever one-size-fits-all tactic gouroux tell you. 

Which is exactly why, in this month’s videos in Biz Typology, I go over what kind of list-building strategies you can use for your unique business, based on your particular personality type. 

(Because, as it turns out, one size does not fit all.)

February’s quick-bite, easy-implementeasy videos will be available in the next few days—but only if you’re a Biz Typology member. 

To sign up, go here:

Why Human Design is bullshyt in a hogwash wrapper

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more business-turned-life coaches prattling on about Human Design. 

(One of the many personality typing mechanisms being touted as being the latest “it” thing.)

Since typing is my game, I checked it out. At first, it sounded like it made sense. Here’s what the website describes it as: 

“Detailing your talents, skills, and potential it would give you a map for actualizing these. It would help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and show you where you are susceptible to your environment’s influence and conditioning….how your inner guidance system operates and provides you with practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your experience of life.”

Sounds good, right? Except it’s based on horseshyt. 

Besides being based on your “Bodygraph”—or what looks like if your bowels were turned into a metaphysical public transportation map—it’s based on things that are largely out of your control. 

Like your birth date. 

Or, as they call it: “planetary glyphs.”
Which are “calculations” taken of the planets 88 days after your birth date to mean… something. 

(Why 88? I suppose we have to ask the cosmos.)

To add further insult to my impending aneurysm, these Human Designers rather inhumanly describe its tents as “describ[ing] characteristics attributed to your Personality. These characteristics are ones that you will recognize, as they are what you have conscious access to and therefore, can relate to. Because you consciously identify with these characteristics, you think of your personality as representation of who you are.”

Well, no shyt, Sherlock. 

And the price of understanding this horseshyt-garnished word salad?

Starts at $97, and goes up to the near thousands. 

And that’s *if* you don’t go through some of these life coaches I’ve been seeing…

But, if you want to understand these “talents, skills, and potential,” including how to use it to make money (and not just spend it on gobbledegook)… and how to recognize, know, and utilize these characteristics in your clients (no birth date required)… and use *real* science?

Which has been used by over 70% of the Fortune 100, about 2,500s college and universities, and literally hundreds of US government agencies?

(Not by the Universe, per se, but that’s pretty high up there.)

Well, you can mosey on over to the link below, for about a tenth of what a Human Designer would cost. 

To get your (psychology-backed, real science-approved) personality typing help, go here:

The Universe does not want you to hire me

A couple of years ago, back when I was consulting full-time, I had a prospective client who, as she put it, was DYING to work with me. 

So much so, she agreed to my paid-in-full rate and wanted to start right away. And, since I was living “client-to-client” at the time, I was pretty excited too.

But, alas, the Universe intervened. 

She was a money mindset coach (more on that later) but needed a little time to get her shyt together before our call. So, we agreed to a time and that, by then, she’d take care of the invoice in full. 

The call grew closer and closer but, as it turns out, her payment… did not. And, the morning of our VIP call, I sent her a cancellation notice because, well, no money, no honey. 

But, in response, she hit me with this:

“Something is just not sitting right about me with this transaction, the energy around it just isn’t right. I can feel the energy in your urgency in money. You’re clearly operating from a lack mentality.”

Apparently, the Universe told her that paying an amount, at a rate and scheduled she herself agreed to, was bad news. 

Or better yet: me expecting to be paid—and making that expectation known and abiding by it—meant I had bad money juju. 

I won’t weigh in on the power of the cosmos, but it seems like her inability to come up with the money (which she was teaching people how to do, mind you) was not an energetic “misalignment” or kink in her chakras as much as a handy excuse. 

Which was precisely why I got out of the “client-to-client” business and focused on long-term, scalable offers. 

Like, my membership site, Biz Typology. 

(And dove headfirst in learning how to type prospective clients, but that’s a story for another email.)

A few weeks ago, my business was profiled, from soup to nuts, in the illustrious email copywriting newsletter, Email Players. In it, my mentor Ben Settle expounded on the continuity model he prescribed to me after hearing my stories about nightmare prospects like these. (And a few too many times, I sure.)

The January issue is now impossible to get (you had to have been an Email Players subscriber at the time and back issues are not available for sale). But, in the next few weeks, I’ll be giving a live training on exactly what went into creating Biz Typology to those who did miss out on this issue (or, to fully flesh it out to those who didn’t).

And, since it *is* Biz Typology, I’ll be showing you how to do this according to your personality type, so you can create and launch the ideal continuity product to your type. 

But, to get access to this training live (where you can chime in with all the brain-picking questions you have), you must be a member of Biz Typology by January 14th, 11:59pm EST—24 hours from now. 

After that, the training goes back to the vault for a while, to reemerge as its own info-product at around $297 or so. 

(Which is about an 2873% increase in price.)

To get access to the live training on continuity this month (plus the 9 trainings already available, and the 8 more coming later next week) click the link below before the 24-hour deadline.

That is, unless the Universe doesn’t want you to.

Here’s the link (you have only 1 day left):

How talentless hacks get all the best clients

When I first started in business, I came across a coach who was killing it in the marketing business. 

She had a seemingly never-ending stream of clients and, with each launch, was able to raise their prices exponentially. 

Even when the cost to hire her for 1:1 help grew close to the six-figure mark, leads and money flew in hand over fist. 

For a long time, this used to irk the living shyte out of me. 


Because she wasn’t even a good coach. 

I was privy to some of the “high-end” coaching calls she offered… and was appalled by what I heard. 

She wasn’t teaching anything new, and all the “insight” she was giving was no more than a quick Google search away—that is, when she wasn’t busy talking about herself. 

What she was good at though, was getting clients. 

Where she was a crap coach, she was an exceptional salesperson. 

At the time, her ability to sell (and her leads’ willingness to buy) seemed like alchemy to me: 

Turning her horseshyt to gold through some weird outer-worldly means. 

Years later, I realized it was really stupidly simple: 

She *understood* them. 

She knew them exactly where they were (in business and in their personal lives), and told them exactly what they wanted to hear. 

And, in finally hearing what they’ve been looking for, any and all objections would disappear. 

Even the most aggravating one (“I need to talk to my husband first”) became a non-issue—as, in more than one occasion, said husband would end up doing the convincing for his wife to sign up. 

(Whether she could deliver or not was a different story.) 

So how does telling you about her help you? 

Because I know this coach. And I have seen her “in action.” And whether by luck, design, or just instinct, the reason she closes so many clients, makes such high fees, and gets away with it is because she knows how to “read” people’s personalities. Just that one skill is the difference between her being laughed right out of the business and raking in tons of fees (that she probably doesn’t deserve). 

If you don’t have this skill naturally (I certainly don’t!) I can show you how to develop it. 

It is one of the reasons Biz Typology has been so valuable to me. 

And in the most recent videos I put up, I show you some of the foundational things you need to know about this topic (don’t worry — I will be releasing more and more advanced ones soon, but I want to make sure everyone has the same foundation).

To get started with these videos (there are six, and all under 5 minutes each so you can implement them immediately) for less than your Netflix subscription, go here:

Fake introverts

I recently saw a meme on Facebook that had Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes, Gandalf the Wizard, Dr. House, MD, and Marlon Brando’s Godfather on it.

It also had “INTJ” written across the bottom.

And underneath that, the words:

“Everybody wants to be like us. Dream on, everybody.”

I don’t know the person who created this meme, but I do know this person is not an INTJ. Or even an “I” at all. In fact, the person is almost certainly a fake introvert, and is clearly an extrovert or an “E.”

My INTJ confirmed this when I showed it to him:

“An INTJ has better things to do than share self-propping memes”

But this goes for anyone who thinks they are an I.

If someone is claiming to be an I yet looking to the Internet for validation about how “I” they are, how intelligent they are, or how “superior” they are to other types… they are really E’s. 

And that’s because E’s (and being an E myself, I don’t exactly take pride in admitting this!) are, in some way or another, always seeking and needing validation from others.

I’s — true I’s — don’t care about validation.

In fact, I’s care about something completely different—which, yes, can amount to a fair (or even a lot) of validation and recognition in itself.

But, that’s not their main focus. 

Take Johnny Carson for example. 

His main goal wasn’t to be the most watched man on TV back in the day. But his main goal—to be the best entertainer around—made him more recognizable than the President of the United States. 

It’s a subtle but important difference.

A difference that creators of memes like this one are missing entirely.

That’s why I say, anyone claiming to be an I who does this kind of thing is what I call a fake I.

True I’s may enjoy when validation and recognition when it happens (but usually not as they prefer to off of anyone’s radars — that’s why they are I’s), but they don’t actively seek it. And they definitely don’t create memes pounding their chests about their supposed superiority.

It’s trendy to be an I these days, and this is probably why fake I’s make these kinds of memes.

But if you’re in business, and want to use your natural personality strengths to your advantage, being 100% ruthlessly honest about yourself is the first step.

Knowing what your true type is (and learning how to type others—without them needing to take a test) and how to profit from it is something I teach in my Masterclass, you get when you join my Biz Typology membership site.

Here is where to join:

The sincerest form of fraudery

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a metric eff-ton of “faux-gagement” posts about personality typing—from either asking their newsfeed for their types, all the way though sharing viral Thought Catalog articles about what MBTI types are likely to order at Shake Shack. 

And to paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle: 

With great fraudulence comes even greater irresponsibility.  

A lot of these people are wannabes at personality typing at best. 

(Hopping on this newest bandwagon in their FB feed.) 

And, at worst, borderline frauds, trying to teach it with no real deep knowledge of the subject, other than regurgitating what someone else (yes even a so-called “influencer”) had said about it. 

It reminds me of all the Facebook ad strategists. 

Notice how many have suddenly popped up over the past few months?

First, there were only a handful of go-to people—those who were well-trained and even better-versed in Facebook algorithm magic. Now, all you need to do is take a $2k course (never mind the Facebook Blueprint trainings available for free) and suddenly they’re masters of the trade. Oh, and they’ll totally do your ads for free, minus the ads cost… “just comment below!” Are you sure you want to entrust your hard-earned buckaroos (because ad spend = $) with someone fresh off a 6-week course, with a cut-and-paste ad? 

Yeah, neither would I. 

On the other hand, I’ve been doing this my entire working life. 

I’ve made a lot of sales and closed a lot of clients doing it. I’ve also talked a lot of scared or angry people out of walking out on their business, their loved ones.

And, once, someone out of ending their life. 

I’ve shown many others how to do it too, in my intensives. 

And to prove I can help you, I’ve launched Biz Typology membership site for less than the cost of a pre-teen’s allowance.

That way you can hold my feet to the fire. 

Force me to show you what I’m talking about. 

And not for a King’s ransom like most internet goo-roos demand.

And, if you follow my instructions, close a lot more clients and make a lot more sales without struggle, frustration, or the usual client-coaching games. 

If you’re game for the monthly digital coaching, plus access to a private Facebook community that is not full of Internet charlatans… all for less than your monthly Netflix bill, go here: