Yesterday, a phone case company contacted me with a pitch to give them a shoutout on my Instagram page in exchange for a free iPhone case.

Now, I’m not an Instagram influencer by any stretch of the imagination: I have a little less than 1,200 followers, most of whom who know me personally or from elsewhere on social media. But even if that weren’t the case, it is still my brand and business—which they were essentially trying to buy with a free iPhone case likely made in China for pennies on the dollar. 

I know for some, this would raise a(n appropriately) red flag. But for others, this wouldn’t bother them one bit. In fact, some would jump at the chance—“ooh, free merchandise!”—without giving it a second thought. 

Which, to me, seems like they’re treating business more like it’s Chuck E. Cheese: 

Spending money/time/energy for worthless Internet tickets, redeemable only for some bullshite dollar-store prizes.

That’s worse than being a three-dollar ho—because, in sx work, at least you get paid.  

Which is why, when it comes to MY list, I am very careful with what I sell. 

In other words, for every “influencer” are soliciting over at the parking lot of the Bunny Hop, I’m very expensive—too expensive for even the five-star hotel bar:

I sell my own products 99.5% of the time, with the leftover .5% reserved ONLY for products and methodology I have personally used, from people I personally know, vetted, and trust. And, yes, who would pay me in return—in actual dollars and cents, not stuff. 

(Tl;dr: This means Ben Settle, who is literally working the book on it, is the only one I’ll do any kind of affiliate marketing for, for a long while.) 

So on to the good stuff (that’s tested, trusted, and, more importantly, mine):

In only a few days, Season One of my newest series, The HR Czar, will be released in my private membership site, Biz Typology. In these short-bite, less-than-15-minute videos, you will learn: 

– Why your prospects are NOT chomping at the bit to work with you when they obviously need you (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with your offer OR your pricing—the one simple trick to fix it is in Episode 3, which will also help you get any miscreant assistant or freelancer back in line) 
– How a freelancer or assistant (or even a client) WANTS you to fire them—and no, it’s not about letting them down gently, no matter what the mushcookie life coaches tell you. (Episode 4) 
–  Why “open-door policies” with any freelancers, virtual assistants, or even coaches you hire to help you can actually kill your business (Episode 1) 
– Why money  can NOT attracted to speed (and what to do when you find yourself hemorrhaging both money and time trying to keep up—more in Episode 2) 
– And even more, in episodes 5 (“Communication F-ups”) and 6 (“How to Put Your VA’s P-ness Away”) 

To find out more, no ho’ing needed, go here: