A couple of years ago, back when I was consulting full-time, I had a prospective client who, as she put it, was DYING to work with me. 

So much so, she agreed to my paid-in-full rate and wanted to start right away. And, since I was living “client-to-client” at the time, I was pretty excited too.

But, alas, the Universe intervened. 

She was a money mindset coach (more on that later) but needed a little time to get her shyt together before our call. So, we agreed to a time and that, by then, she’d take care of the invoice in full. 

The call grew closer and closer but, as it turns out, her payment… did not. And, the morning of our VIP call, I sent her a cancellation notice because, well, no money, no honey. 

But, in response, she hit me with this:

“Something is just not sitting right about me with this transaction, the energy around it just isn’t right. I can feel the energy in your urgency in money. You’re clearly operating from a lack mentality.”

Apparently, the Universe told her that paying an amount, at a rate and scheduled she herself agreed to, was bad news. 

Or better yet: me expecting to be paid—and making that expectation known and abiding by it—meant I had bad money juju. 

I won’t weigh in on the power of the cosmos, but it seems like her inability to come up with the money (which she was teaching people how to do, mind you) was not an energetic “misalignment” or kink in her chakras as much as a handy excuse. 

Which was precisely why I got out of the “client-to-client” business and focused on long-term, scalable offers. 

Like, my membership site, Biz Typology. 

(And dove headfirst in learning how to type prospective clients, but that’s a story for another email.)

A few weeks ago, my business was profiled, from soup to nuts, in the illustrious email copywriting newsletter, Email Players. In it, my mentor Ben Settle expounded on the continuity model he prescribed to me after hearing my stories about nightmare prospects like these. (And a few too many times, I sure.)

The January issue is now impossible to get (you had to have been an Email Players subscriber at the time and back issues are not available for sale). But, in the next few weeks, I’ll be giving a live training on exactly what went into creating Biz Typology to those who did miss out on this issue (or, to fully flesh it out to those who didn’t).

And, since it *is* Biz Typology, I’ll be showing you how to do this according to your personality type, so you can create and launch the ideal continuity product to your type. 

But, to get access to this training live (where you can chime in with all the brain-picking questions you have), you must be a member of Biz Typology by January 14th, 11:59pm EST—24 hours from now. 

After that, the training goes back to the vault for a while, to reemerge as its own info-product at around $297 or so. 

(Which is about an 2873% increase in price.)

To get access to the live training on continuity this month (plus the 9 trainings already available, and the 8 more coming later next week) click the link below before the 24-hour deadline.

That is, unless the Universe doesn’t want you to.

Here’s the link (you have only 1 day left):