When I first started in business, I came across a coach who was killing it in the marketing business. 

She had a seemingly never-ending stream of clients and, with each launch, was able to raise their prices exponentially. 

Even when the cost to hire her for 1:1 help grew close to the six-figure mark, leads and money flew in hand over fist. 

For a long time, this used to irk the living shyte out of me. 


Because she wasn’t even a good coach. 

I was privy to some of the “high-end” coaching calls she offered… and was appalled by what I heard. 

She wasn’t teaching anything new, and all the “insight” she was giving was no more than a quick Google search away—that is, when she wasn’t busy talking about herself. 

What she was good at though, was getting clients. 

Where she was a crap coach, she was an exceptional salesperson. 

At the time, her ability to sell (and her leads’ willingness to buy) seemed like alchemy to me: 

Turning her horseshyt to gold through some weird outer-worldly means. 

Years later, I realized it was really stupidly simple: 

She *understood* them. 

She knew them exactly where they were (in business and in their personal lives), and told them exactly what they wanted to hear. 

And, in finally hearing what they’ve been looking for, any and all objections would disappear. 

Even the most aggravating one (“I need to talk to my husband first”) became a non-issue—as, in more than one occasion, said husband would end up doing the convincing for his wife to sign up. 

(Whether she could deliver or not was a different story.) 

So how does telling you about her help you? 

Because I know this coach. And I have seen her “in action.” And whether by luck, design, or just instinct, the reason she closes so many clients, makes such high fees, and gets away with it is because she knows how to “read” people’s personalities. Just that one skill is the difference between her being laughed right out of the business and raking in tons of fees (that she probably doesn’t deserve). 

If you don’t have this skill naturally (I certainly don’t!) I can show you how to develop it. 

It is one of the reasons Biz Typology has been so valuable to me. 

And in the most recent videos I put up, I show you some of the foundational things you need to know about this topic (don’t worry — I will be releasing more and more advanced ones soon, but I want to make sure everyone has the same foundation).

To get started with these videos (there are six, and all under 5 minutes each so you can implement them immediately) for less than your Netflix subscription, go here: